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Overlooking the Damanganga river, the Sao Jeronimo fort is named after the twentieth viceroy – Don Jeronimo. A church of the lady of the Sea adorns the striking landward which also features a colossal gateway designed intricately. The military architecture is a sight for the eyes as its detailed complex arrangement will leave you in awe with its majestic structure.

Situated at about 3 km from Nani Daman, Devka beach stands tall with its picturesque ambience and pristine landscape. A well-catered amusement park for children with charming attractions such as the musical fountains which bring in tunes to match with the sea-breeze. A must visit during your stay at Daman, this one can prove to be the hotspot for your family as people from all age groups come here for the sheer energy and vigour of the place.

Contructed in 1603, the church of Bom Jesus is one of the most renowned place of worship for locals and tourists alike. The mesmerizing style of Portuguese architecture is best reflected by its lavish carved doorway, intricately adorned interiors and decorated ceiling. Statues depicting Roman art and architecture also leave a lasting impression that you will relish forever.

Headquarters of theological studies in the past, the Dominion Monastery of Daman was eminent for attracting philosophers and scholars from all over the world. The religious monastery is itself an architectural wonder that is intricately crafted with stone carvings which rightfully reflects the glory of its past.


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