Things to Do at Sterling Ooty Fern Hill | A Hillstation Resort in Ooty Fern Hill

A wide variety of entertainment activities for kids and adults make the Resort a great place to unwind. You’ll find at the Resort -

  • Play area filled with equipment like swings, see-saws, ropeways, merry-go-rounds, slides, etc for kids
  • Club equipped with games like table tennis, badminton, carrom, chess, snooker etc for indoors, and cricket and cycling outdoors.
  • Bonfire evenings and party games enliven weekdays while fun-filled discotheque parties are held on weekends.
  • High Rope adventure activities with two definitive levels to test your physicality

    The first level - with Monkey Crawl, Hammock Walk, Beam Climb, Commando Net reinvigorates your vitality with some solid upper-body workout.

    The second level - with Burma Bridge, Multi-vine, Earthquake Walk, Swing Bridge, Sloth Walk, Tarzan Leap & Free Fall. These adrenaline fueled activities are designed to make you accomplish your inner fears and let you have fun throughout.
  • Wall-Climbing. The absolute sport to gauge your tenacity in climbing which utterly pushes you to physical and mental limits. But we promise you, once you achieve the target – your smiles will be worth much more than the ascent itself.

Sterling Fern Hill Resort is also a great venue for marriages and parties with a seating capacity of about 600-700 guests.