Things to Do at Sterling Dindi | A Riverside Resort in Dindi
  • Parties, games and bonfires are regularly organized by the resort, bringing together all guests in the true spirit of bonhomie.
  • The Holiday Activities Centre has a variety of ways to keep people entertained throughout their vacation. Outdoor games like badminton, cricket also make for a great way to make our guests feel the true holiday spirit during their stay.
  • The pool side is a lively tavern during the day and transforms into a trendy lounge in the evening when you want to enjoy the calm and peace around.
  • For those who’d like a good spa session, you can indulge in one at the spa in the resort. Calm and soothe your senses with a variety of services we have for you at the resort.
  • You can also enjoy stunning views of the sunset from the sunken bar which offers you an eye level view of the lily pond or relax and unwind at the Sunset Bar by the pool.