Over the years, Rajasthan has been stereotyped. People have banked off of classic films to see the state as a desolated desert for years. While tourists still flock to the area, most of them look at the rich historical monuments and not the exceptional natural beauty of the place. Mount Abu tourism may surprise these people. 

Mount Abu is a hilly region that offers green forests and endemic wildlife. The station is surrounded by green forests, rich architectural marvels, and a couple of pleasant surprises. 

Jessore Bear Sanctuary

Sloth Bear

The Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary welcomes the bears throughout the year. Located beside the Aravalli hills, this buffer zone offers up a calming climate. In 1978, the sloth bears came very close to extinction. Relentless development activities around Jessore meant the animals had no place to escape into. The protected woods now provide a calm and comfortable home for these bears. You can see them while you’re trekking the jungle trails or simply get a government safari. 

Birds also flock to the area through the winter, and the sanctuary hosts much local flora. Tourists should use the sanctuary as a weekend getaway since staying options nearby are sparse. However, since the sanctuary is close to Mount Abu and Jessore, traveling here is not difficult. 

Other Mount Abu Adventures

Achalgarh Fort mount abu(1)

There are many places to visit in Mount Abu. Off the beaten track is the fort at Achalgarh, an old fort that now lies in ruins. The ruins also offer the chance for a rural trek to the wilderness. If you seek architectural marvels, the confines of the fort include several Jain temples. 

The Tiger Path is another path that a lot of tourists miss out on. The long trip will take about 2 hours, but the hiking trail offers up frequent surprises. The way, used by pilgrims centuries ago, welcomes bird species throughout the year and is a splendid trek. 

For those looking for a romantic getaway, the hill range has a honeymoon point. With Nakki Lake as the background, the viewpoint offers an expansive view of the city and has beautiful adventures in store. 

Timing Your Visit

Mount Abu and Nakki Lake

Mount Abu hotels get brisk business throughout the year courtesy of the foreign traffic. But, for the experienced traveler, there is no time like winter. As the clouds roll in over the Aravalli ranges, the Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary treks become much more pleasant.

It is recommended that tourists avoid the monsoon season since frequent natural disasters cause delays in the region. Winter and summer always offer an array of hiking ranges and trekking expeditions that you won’t want to miss. 

Let’s Stay

The only mountain range in Rajasthan has various routes connecting to it. Udaipur is the nearest airport, and the Mount Abu train station is just 25 kilometers away from the settlement. 

Sterling Mount Abu

Since it is a popular attraction, resorts in Mount Abu number in the hundreds. Family-friendly resorts like Sterling Mount Abu offer many in-house activities and arrange customized trips for your preference. Sterling Mount Abu uses methods of natural landscaping to preserve the inimitable beauty of its surroundings, and thus is in perfect harmony with nature.  Its stunning rooftop swimming pool flows into a sweeping view of the hills of the Aravalli range. As a special experience, Sterling Mount Abu has a private entry into the forest exclusively for its guests that facilitates bird watching or hiking.  Book your stay at Sterling – Mount Abu today!

Trekking, jungle paths, and rolling hills, the Aravalli ranges are unmatched in their offerings. Regular visitors might often give these a miss to explore the famous historical spaces. However, if you’re adventurous, the treks and walks through the jungles would be the perfect path for you.