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Situated in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, the scenic Kanha National Park first came into being in 1955. Spread over 200,000 acres of dense forest cover, the area was initially divided between the Hallon and Banjar sanctuaries, making it the largest national reserve in central India. As a part of Project Tiger, a national reform to preserve the Bengal Tiger, the Kanha Tiger Reserve was formed in 1973. The reserve is also home to other wildlife species, like the Barasingha (Swamp Deer), the Indian Leopard, the Indian Wild Dog and the sloth bear. The region’s wide variety of fauna is purported to be the inspiration behind Rudyard Kipling’s fictional world in The Jungle Book.

While the park also acts as a host to bisons, gaur, sambhal, chital and the like, the main attraction is the Barasingha, which were pulled out of the brink of extinction twenty years ago. Their preservation is seen as the reserve’s crowning achievement, so much so that the mascot of the Kanha National Park is ‘Bhoorsingh the Barasingha’. The Barasingha, being the hard ground variety, is indigenous to the region, making it unique from other swamp deer. They populate the large grasslands that lie amidst the dense bamboo and teak cover. The first measure in their preservation was fencing-off the grassland from other predators that posed a threat to them. These steps have helped keep them and their mellifluous rutting calls alive. 


  • State:Madhya Pradesh
  • District: Mandla
  • Temperature: Summer Max : 42C | Min : 24C, Monsoon July – Sept Winter Max : 25C | Min : 10C
  • Distance to major cities: Jabalpur – 166 km, Raipur – 198 km.

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Summer Winter Monsoon

24°C to 42°C

10°C to 25°C

Jul to Sep


Sterling Holidays

Anytime from October to June. The core area of the forest is closed down during the monsoon, but the buffer zones are open to visit.

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+91136 50095

Sterling Holidays

Village - Mocha,
Jabalpur - 481768,Madhya Pradesh, India
Phone: +91136 50095

Village - Mocha,
Jabalpur - 481768,Madhya Pradesh, India
Phone: +91136 50095