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Invest in Sterling, Invest in Family Togetherness

Happy Holidays are those that bring families and loved ones together to strengthen and celebrate relationships that matter. Happy Holidays happen when families and friends get together in beautiful settings and discover just how magical life can be!

We know you love travelling with your family. It brings you together, gives you that break you need from daily routine and refreshes you completely. But with rising costs, travelling to exotic destinations and enjoying them in style and comfort is becoming increasingly difficult.

A Sterling Holidays Vacation Ownership membership allows you to take frequent holidays with your loved ones and experience all the wonders of the world! What's more, once you are a Sterling member, you won't need to worry about rising hotel costs or room availability.

The ultimate judges of a company’s product and service are its customers. You can listen to Sterling members talk about their experiences by viewing the video given below:

So, like the Phatwa family, you can invest in family togetherness and memories by simply signing-up for 25 years of fun-filled holidays at today's prices.

Go for a great holiday every year, at some of the finest destinations and resorts in India or an alliance resort or hotel abroad at your convenience*. That's exactly what the Sterling Holidays Vacation Ownership Plan offers you.

Invest once at today's prices. Holiday 7 days a year, every year, for the next 25 years. With the Vacation Ownership Plan, you have flexibility to design your holidays to suit your exact needs. Choose the destination, the season and type of accommodation you want, and enjoy carefree holidays.

The Vacation Ownership Plan is available as Vacation Ownership Points. Every time you plan a holiday, you can choose any of the destinations in the Sterling Holidays network or that are available worldwide through the optional RCI membership, then trade in your Vacation Ownership Points for accommodation in a resort apartment of your choice. The best part is that you get to holiday at current prices - your holidays are now inflation-proof.

That's a world of good reasons for getting yourself and your family the Sterling Holidays Vacation Ownership Plan. For the next 25 years, every time you stay at a resort of Sterling Holidays or an associated property, you'll be glad about the choice you once made.

All about Vacation Ownership

1. What are Vacation Ownership Points?

Vacation Ownership Points can be bought by you in advance under the appropriate Vacation Ownership Plan and redeemed later in exchange for room nights at any resort of Sterling Holidays or RCI in India or the world over. Sterling Holidays customer's holiday eligibility and usage is denoted and measured by this Points system. In other words, each of the Sterling Holidays Vacation Ownership Plan entitles you to a certain fixed number of Vacation Ownership Points each year for you to redeem as holidays.

2. How do Vacation Ownership Points differ from conventional timeshares?

Unlike conventional timeshare models where you buy a fixed week, season, apartment type and/or a location, the Points model allows you the flexibility to build your own Vacation Ownership Plan. You are no longer tied up to a location, season, apartment or the number of nights you can holiday. This flexibility opens a world of choices, you are free to choose a holiday in one of our own resorts or an alliance resort or hotel in India or abroad at your convenience, secure in the knowledge that it's already been paid for.

3. What are the advantages of Sterling Holidays Vacation Ownership Plan versus ordinary vacations?

With the Sterling Holidays Vacation Ownership Plan you will always have a good place to stay, at the best holiday destinations in India and overseas. It means never being stranded without accommodation or paying unreasonable rates for it. Ultimately a Sterling Holidays Vacation Ownership Plan ensures you always get a great holiday experience at a great price.

4. So, how many Vacation Ownership Points would I typically need for a room?

This is calculated on the basis of 2 factors:

Type of Accommodation – Studio apartment, One-bedroom apartment, or Two-bedroom apartment.
Season – Seasons are classified into 4 types;

 Purple: Pockets of time when demand is at the highest for a holiday booking  White: Periods of time which are popular for short getaways
 Red: High demand season which is usually aligned to school/college vacations  Blue: For those holiday travellers who enjoy quiet holiday getaways

Here's a table to illustrate how Vacation Ownership Points work:

Season 2 Bedroom 1 Bedroom Studio
Purple 480 points/night 300 points/night 240 points/night
Red 340 points/night 212 points/night 165 points/night
White 210 points/night 140 points/night 110 points/night
Blue 160 points/night 90 points/night 70 points/night

So, choose a holiday season when you are most probable to holiday.

As you see, Red season is for peak demand; White is for popular demand; and Blue is for quiet vacations. So keep in mind the seasonal variations while planning your vacation!

5. Can you elaborate on the types and capacity of accommodation?
Accommodation Type Description Maximum (number of persons)
Studio Apartment Single Bedroom with kitchenette and all modern amenities 2
1 Bedroom Apartment Living Room with kitchenette plus One Bedroom, equipped with modern amenities 4
2 Bedroom Apartment Living Room with kitchenette plus two Bedrooms, equipped with modern amenities 6

Note: Children above 12 are considered as adults. Two children below 12 are considered as one adult.

The sofa-cum-bed option in the Living Room helps convert the Living Room into a Bedroom to accommodate the maximum number of people as seen in the table above. So, choose an accommodation that's best for you right away! Let's assure you that when you want to holiday with less or more number of people than you have planned now, you will have the freedom to ask for a smaller or a larger apartment. In other words, you now have a need based solution for 25 years.

6. What is the minimum number of Vacation Ownership Points I need to buy?

Vacation Ownership Points are like aces up your sleeve that you can use anytime, anywhere to enhance your holiday experience.

We have a number of plans for you to choose from, depending on your choice of Season and the type of Apartment you choose.

Each plan offers you holidays for one week every year for the next 25 years. Your options start from a minimum of 490 Vacation Ownership Points that offers you a week's holiday in a Studio apartment in the Blue season annually.

7. Do I need to buy the Vacation Ownership Points at one go?

Yes. You have to buy them at one go and choose from our attractive payment options.

8. Can I accumulate or advance Vacation Ownership Points?

Absolutely! Any unutilized Vacation Ownership Points in a year can be carried forward to the next year. You can probably enjoy a ‘double holiday' using Vacation Ownership Points from the previous year and the current year. But do remember that you can accumulate Vacation Ownership Points for up to two years only.

And that's not all. If you fall short of Vacation Ownership Points in the current year, you can ‘advance' 50% of the Vacation Ownership Points from the next year for this year's holiday. This too can be done for two successive years.

9. Am I entitled to all the facilities of a resort through a Sterling Holidays Vacation Ownership Plan?

Of course! Please note that unless otherwise specified, all resort facilities are open to you. All amenities such as swimming pool, health club, discotheque, etc., as well as entertainment programmes like party games, bonfires, sight-seeing trips, picnics, trekking, etc., are open to you.

10. What are the payment options to buy a Sterling Holidays Vacation Ownership Plan?

There are two modes of payment - One-time payment and EMI options.

You can pay for your Vacation Ownership Plan via cheque, draft, credit card (MasterCard or Visa) or cash.

11. Where can I use my Vacation Ownership Points?

You can use your Vacation Ownership Points at any of the:

  • 21 resorts of Sterling Holidays in 18 different destinations
  • Over 4000 RCI affiliated resorts in India and overseas.

Start discovering the wonderful world of Sterling Holidays today. Ask for a representative to call you.