1. Sometimes I wish the night doesn’t end and the stars don’t fade!

Location: Chandratal, Himachal Pradesh
Picture Courtesy:  abanerjeevisuals


2. I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night!

Location: Indus Gogre, Ladakh
Picture Courtesy: abanerjeevisuals


3. No sight is more awe-inspiring and provocative than the night sky!

Location: Chandratal, Himachal Pradesh
Picture Courtesy: Dipanjan94


4. I opened my eyes and it was a dark paradise!

Location: Solang Valley, Manali, Himachal Pradesh
Picture Courtesy: thesakshirawat


5. When life knocks you down, roll over and look at the stars!

Location: Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh
Picture Courtesy: akarsh_i_am_adventure


6. The darkest nights produce the brightest stars!

Location: Almora, Uttarakhand
Picture Courtesy: sharanyachander


7. We look up at the same stars, and see such different things!

Location: Lammasingi, Andhra Pradesh
Picture Courtesy: wfr_traveller



8. The sky is the ultimate art gallery, we just need to stand back and admire!

Location: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Picture Courtesy: vasu_ahluwalia


9. The sight of the stars makes me dream!

Location: Kashmir Valley
Picture Courtesy: abanerjeevisuals


10. Only in the darkness can you see the brightest stars!

Location: Corbett