We see so many posts, follow so many Instagram pages on travel, wish so much to go on a trip to the dream destination. But how much do we actually do towards making that trip a reality? Let us be honest here, not much. We either make excuses or convince ourselves that the trip is not a necessity, anything to take us away from the reward. No, let us not waste any more time, but get to saving the shillings! Here are 5 ways to save money to travel

Figuring out the costs

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The devil is in the details. Planning a trip is more than just booking the tickets and rushing to a hotel. Figure out when the travel tickets are the cheapest, which mode of transport is the most efficient and where you could ideally cut back on paying more. Traveling as a group is merrier and hotels usually grant discounts on such occasions. Check beforehand and create an estimate. There is nothing wrong in being smart about having a budget for your trip and take to cost-effective traveling.

Dedicate yourself to the goal

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It might sound like some self-help quote, but it is true. Nothing comes without giving yourself to it. Think of Rocky! Think of the prize! You will not get there if you keep postponing. Start by setting a definitive deadline, help by saving in small ways – budget your expenses, cancel extra subscriptions, make a plan; do what needs to be done to get there.

To buy or not to buy

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Realistically speaking, most of the purchases you make are probably just you impulsively convincing yourself that you absolutely need that article – the autumn-themed lamp, the Christmas-themed accessory, the New Year backdrop! But do you, though? Rule of thumb: if you do not see yourself using that item continuously for at least the next 3 months, you surely do not need it. Cut back on the impulsive spending, save up on that dream!

The social life

Yes, the social life that you are probably having every weekend! Of course, relaxing after a workweek in this day and age is turning mandatory. But do pay heed to how much your wallet is aching after the fact. Find out other ways of socializing and relaxing that helps your pocket. This will go a great way in saving for your social life at your dream destination!

Find new avenues

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No, slow down. Not on the map just yet! Finding out new ways to save, or generate income will also take you a long way in cushioning up the savings for your travel. In fact, maybe start off by opening a recurring deposit account, save up on the money gifted to you by all the aunties and uncles. Even doing a part-time job of a work from home would not hurt; technology makes everything possible!

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