A small but fast-growing town in the Idukki district of Kerala with innumerable places to visit in and around Rajakkad makes it one of the most visited tourist destinations. Its scenic beauty will mesmerize you, and you can’t help but admire the nature there. The blanket of trees covering most of the town makes your heart content, and your eyes shine. It is one of the best tourist destinations and getaways from your hectic weekdays. Visit this beautiful town, and these must-visit places mentioned below. 

1. Kuthumkal Waterfalls

Kuthumkal Waterfalls

Are you a water baby? Well, this waterfall located at a distance of just 36 km from Idukki, and only 4kms from Rajakkad will rejuvenate you and gives you all the more reason to visit this lovely growing town. Don’t worry about travel, autos, and buses will happily serve you. And not only this, visiting Rajakkad gives you a perfect chance to visit Munnar, located at a distance of just 21 km. And if nature fills your soul with happiness, then you should not miss this cascading waterfall. Being extremely close to the main road makes it easily accessible for anyone who visits the falls. Oh, and there’s more. Unlike other falls, you are allowed to get to the bottom, splash, and play till you stop feeling your legs anymore. Explore the caves, another fantastic tourist attraction, and experience a day full of fun and adventure. 

2. Chokramudi Peak

View from Chokramudi Peak

You love trekking, but you are new to this fantastic journey? Chokramudi Peak is the perfect destination for amateur trekkers and is an ideal place to begin. The heart of Eravikulam National Park, this peak is an easy-going trek that doesn’t take more than a day so you can enjoy the other places as well. With 10km of distance and the level of expertise, it nearly takes about 3-5 hours. Stay assured of the joy it is going to provide you with once you have completed it. Don’t torture your stomach in all the excitement! Carry some food and snacks to munch on while you find your way during the trek. And along the way, your eyes will capture some of the most spectacular views of tea plantations, Idukki Dam and the Anamudi Peak. 

3. Lockhart Gap View

Lockhart Gap

Who doesn’t love the beautiful valleys and misty slopes with extensive plantations? The very reason, Lockhart Gap View, has become one of the not-to-miss tourist attractions near Rajakkad. With just an hour’s drive from the town, it will mesmerize you with its plethora of trekking trails. Exploring this area, and its secluded vibe will leave you relishing it for an eternity. 

 4. Ripple Waterfalls

Ripple Waterfalls

With a 15 mins drive, you can reach this breath-taking waterfall in Idukki. Giving you one more reason to fall in love with Rajakkad, Ripple waterfalls can be enjoyed from a pavilion, and you witness the beauty that will leave an indelible imprint in your heart. It is a treat for your eyes and fills your soul with tranquility. 

5. Dream Land Fun and Adventure

Rope Way at Dream Land

A perfect place to satisfy your love for adventure. Just a 33 mins drive from Rajakkad; this place awaits adventurers. Do not miss the amazing activities it provides, such as ziplining, camel rides, cable cars, mountain biking. In addition to all this, this place has a haunted house for all you horror lovers that you sure can’t afford to miss. 

6. Ramakkal

Ramakkal View-point

Let the breeze of Ramakkal sway your minds into peace amidst the hustle of the city life. Being one of the major attractions, it is a picturesque viewpoint that won’t let you take your eyes off its captivating surroundings. The time spent there will always seem short because your heart will never be full looking, and you will want to stay a little longer taking in the fresh breeze lapping your cheeks while you sit there enjoying your time. 

7. Pallivasal Falls

Pallivasal Falls

Amidst the dense forestation, this beautiful water body delights you with its enthralling vastness, and the water barging down at an enormous speed will woo you with its charm. An enrapturing ensemble of nature, its beauty makes Pallivasal falls an incredibly picturesque spot. Although secluded and small, the scenic beauty pulls the tourists. Make sure you visit this waterfall and witness beauty at its best. 

Well, by now, you should be in love with Rajakkad even before visiting it. Undoubtedly it is one of the prettiest towns with places that will win your heart and make you fall in love with nature so much so that you wouldn’t ever be able to fall out of it. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get on a ride to Rajakkad and experience a rollercoaster of emotions.

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