Today holidays are increasingly becoming a part of our lifestyle. People are traveling more often and are willing to explore new places. They are no longer concerned about paying for high-quality accommodation with other amenities. And with the average hotel unit cost per day for a consumer growing rapidly each year, getting a resort membership is a good bargain for the avid traveler who likes to spend time with their family when they go on a holiday and expects value for money.

With a Sterling membership, you will get all this for years at today’s price and it is an easy way of committing to great holidays in the future. 

Sterling’s wide resort destination network and varied experiences ensure that you holiday differently. Our best-in-class resorts are designed keeping your family in mind. These resorts are replete with contemporary facilities and comforts that include restaurants, spas, swimming pools, recreation areas and so much more. With our membership, you will not only have a good time during your holidays, but you will also experience the joy of discovering new places.

Today holidays are more than just eating good food and enjoying an exotic place to stay – it is about experiences and at Sterling, you will enjoy immersive experiential holidays.

What are the Benefits that You’ll Enjoy with a Sterling Membership?

If you are looking for reasons to get a membership, here are some:

Avoid the hassle of paying for a resort each time you wish to go on a holiday:

If you are a member, you just have to decide where and when you wish to go on a holiday and make a booking and leave everything else to us. Sterling has something for everyone in the family and we facilitate hassle-free holidays all the way.

Your holidays should be synonymous with ease!

Choose from a wide range of resort network:

We have over 35 top-rated resorts located across the length and breadth of India and we are continuously expanding our footprints across the country. With our membership, you will get access to more than 4000 resorts in over 100 countries at special prices. Sterling resorts are affiliated to Resorts Condominiums International (RCI), so you can enjoy foreign holidays at Indian prices. With Sterling, indulging in a spell of wanderlust and experiencing the joy of discovering new places has never been easier.

So many diverse places to travel to!

Inflation-proof holidays:

With our membership, you just have to pay once, and you can go on holidays for the next 25 years.  This membership will also protect you from annual inflation when the charges go up each year as a result of price rise. Also, you will get special member discounts at Sterling resorts.

Get the freedom to choose your accommodation:

The rooms at our resorts are large and are designed for families or for people who come with a big group of friends. You can pick the one which is best for your family. At most Sterling resorts, you can choose from three types of stay: two-bedroom that accommodates six people, one-bedroom for four and a studio apartment that offers a comfortable stay for a maximum of two adults and two children or three adults.

Kid-friendly resorts:

All Sterling resorts are kid-friendly, so you can bring your kids along and keep them occupied at our Holiday Activity Centre. With your kids having fun at the Activity Centre, you will be able to spend quality time with your spouse.

We love kids. Kids love us.

Make the most of the Flexible Points System:

When you become a member, you are buying Sterling Membership points that you can use at all our resorts. When your holiday needs change, you can enjoy complete flexibility with our unique points system. You can also use the points to book a holiday and exchange it through RCI at any of the 4,000+ RCI affiliated resorts in over 100 countries worldwide.

With our points system, you will get flexibility in terms of season, apartment type, rooms, and short breaks. You also get the option of carrying forward your points if you do not go on a holiday during a specific year. The unused points will be added to your account next year. If you make use of more points in a specific year, you can use some of the next year’s points in the current year.

Gift a memorable holiday to your loved ones:

As a Sterling member, you will get to experience the joy of gifting when you offer your loved ones a memorable holiday or an entire membership. There is also an option of passing on your membership to a friend or loved one. With more and more people opting to travel these days, a holiday is a perfect gift that you can give your family members. You can even give this membership to your children as a wedding gift.

Experience the joy of discoveries:

If you have our membership, you will enjoy curated experiences at the resort. We offer experiences in indigenous culture, cuisine, nature, history, and adventure. From genuine culinary experiences to culture trails, and night safaris, Sterling offers guests several ways to holiday differently.

Amazing holiday experience, guaranteed!

We bring together a fusion of warm Indian hospitality and the highest standards of service. Sterling’s service philosophy is based on passionate people, unique and enriching experiences, and the rich and diverse destinations.

A Sterling membership is all about committing to your family and the memories made with them. It is the commitment we make to each one of our members – to provide a holiday they will never forget. We help our members experience the joy of discovering a new place like never before. Over one lakh families are enjoying their holidays with our membership for several decades. With our membership, you and your loved ones will get to holiday differently.

Take a look at this video that shows the benefits you will enjoy with a Sterling membership:

Customer Testimonial

Sanjiv Chawla
Fashion Designer – Delhi

“We always look forward to our holidays with Sterling. Our recent experience visiting Sterling Corbett and Nainital was excellent. The helpful staff at Sterling ensured that my family and I had a memorable stay.”

Don’t let go of this amazing opportunity – Buy now!