Prepare an evening meal for your loved one. Enjoy and rejoice in the rich taste of grilled chicken in rosemary sauce.

Grilled chicken with rosemary sauce

Grilled chicken with rosemary sauce

Ingredients Grams/ml
Chicken breast full with wings 260 gms
Pepper powder 10 gms
Mustard paste 7 gms
Ref oil 30 ml
Black pepper powder 7 gms
WC sauce 7 ml
Demi-glace 60 ml
Carrot 20 gms
Mushroom 10 gms
French beans 15 gms
8 – 8 sauce 8 ml
Salt To taste
Baby tomato 20 gms


  1. Debone the chicken with whole breast along with the winglet
  2. Marinate the chicken with salt, black pepper powder, mustard powder, WC sauce, ref oil and keep for 2 hrs
  3. Cut the carrot, French beans in batten shape & steam it with salt, thickly sliced mushrooms & separately grilled baby tomato (slight toss the sliced mushrooms too). Take a lettuce leaf & soak in chilled water to retain the freshness of it
  4. Now grill the whole breast with the marination & cook till it become tender
  5. Sauté chopped onions with garlic and when it turns brown add demi-glace, 8-8 sauce, WC sauce and then add salt & pepper powder to balance the taste
  6. Dish out the plate as per the presentation above

Nutritive value

Calorie count 220
Fat 8
Protein 36
Carbohydrate 10