Weddings! The very word conjures up images of beautiful brides, handsome grooms, happy families and a feeling of indescribable bonhomie that infects every guest at this celebration. A wedding is not just an occasion to fete a blissfully happy couple, but also a chance for friends and family to come together to share their collective joy for the good fortune that has been showered upon their loved ones. Such a gathering calls for something a little grander than your regular get-togethers – in fact, it is a once in a lifetime chance to throw a party that will be remembered for years to come.

Destination weddings continue to remain one of the hottest ways to celebrate your special day. And what is not to love? An exotic locale, a chance to enhance one’s joys with some local indulgences, and invariably a chance for even your guests to take a break from their busy lives and participate in your special day…there exists no downside! Destination weddings combine the best of a fun vacation in an exciting new place and the joy of having an endless celebration with all your favourite people in the world at your special party. They also make for some great memories – pretty pictures are guaranteed thanks to the natural beauty of the locale and the relaxed and indulgent mood of the guests attending. Plus, who does not make sure to look good on vacation?

With Sterling Resorts, you can have it all – a destination wedding that eliminates all the hassle of planning while maximizing the happiness of the entire event.

Gift Yourself the Ultimate Destination Wedding Experience!

Ask anyone on the verge of tying the knot and they will tell you how stressful planning a wedding can really be. Throw in the added feature of a destination wedding and it might be overwhelming to ever accomplish. But not when Sterling Resorts is your partner in planning!

To start with, with over 35 properties across India to choose from, Sterling Resorts has every kind of destination wedding covered. Whether you are envisioning a small, intimate ceremony with just your closest loved ones or a grand celebration that will be the talk of the town for years to come, Sterling Resorts have the perfect property for you. The misty mountains of Darjeeling create the kind of simple and charming ceremony that will move people deeply. Goa’s beautiful beaches encourage you and your guests to really capture the free-spirited sense of adventure that a wedding can bring to a family. The backwaters of Kerala provide the verdant green setting for a celebration with that classic South Indian sense of ceremony.

Sterling Atharva, Jaipur

But our pick for this year’s wedding season is something a little unusual. Across Rajasthan are palaces that were once home to the majestic splendor of royalty. Now, these exotic structures house the grand aspirations of modern millennials in love. A desert wedding that recalls the pomp of its erstwhile reigning royals is what will set your destination wedding apart from the rest. A desert wedding that will have you celebrating like royalty is only possible at Sterling Atharva Jaipur. This property is the exotic backdrop for a wedding with a difference. The natural grandeur meets a couple with equally big visions to create a celebration that the world will never forget. Eye-catching and memorable pomp and circumstance are what is on offer at Sterling Atharva Jaipur – combine that with the Rajasthani penchant for celebration and what results is every couple’s dream destination wedding.

Best Time to Get Hitched in the Royalty of Jaipur!

While the Pink city is perennially charming, we’d suggest the months of September and March along with the winter months as the best time to tie the knot in Jaipur. The weather is on your side during these times and adds to the royal extravaganza that your wedding truly deserves to be.

Royal Weddings at Sterling Atharva Jaipur

Cluster style seating at the Palace Lawn, Sterling Atharva Jaipur

Standing tall on the Jaipur-Ajmer highway is the grand presence of Sterling Atharva with 31,000 sq.ft of Palace and Courtyard lawns with majestic royal feel or a thematic poolside decor to make your wedding as grand as weddings can get. In addition to this, a 4,329 sq.ft of indoor banquet hall and a 4,000 sq.ft of open terrace are specially designed to host ceremonies with a personalised setup.

Outdoor pool at Sterling Atharva Jaipur

The resort is well-connected to major travel stations of the city for your entourage to comfortably reach the royal affair. The international airport of Jaipur is 31 km away from the resort while the railway station and a bus station are 28 km and 30 km away respectively. You can also use our transfer facility which is available on request.

Rejoice like the Rajput royals when you choose Sterling Atharva Jaipur as the destination for your wedding. Pretty havelis form the exotic locale for your special day, along with all the modern amenities one would require in a world-class hotel. With 30 palatial rooms and 15 private cottages to choose from, there is room for the entire family to come together to celebrate one of the happiest days of your life. Guests will have the time of their life – between ceremonies they can enjoy the many curated experiences being offered at Sterling Atharva Jaipur. Amble down to discover how the locals live with a guided village walk or get your heart racing with a polo match. This is not a wedding where one can get bored.

A Real-Life Fairytale Wedding!

Wedding set-up at Sterling Atharva Jaipur

With the promise of a curated celebration for each wedding, Sterling Atharva Jaipur is truly the perfect partner on this journey to the best wedding ever. Every aspect is taken care of by our friendly and efficient staff and the best in class amenities offered at every Sterling Resort property. There is a never-ending to-do list that must be accomplished no matter how big or small the wedding, and Sterling Atharva Jaipur just knows how to get things done. Dedicated teams for all your minor to major needs including beautician, bridal spa therapy, mehendi, and tailor services on call, etc. ensure that things run smoothly at all times.

Impeccable catering awaits you at Sterling Atharva Jaipur

When it comes to food, look no further than the assortment of global and authentic Indian spread by Sterling’s expert chefs. A royal feast awaits, with options for every type of dietary requirement. Authentic, mouthwatering Daal Baati Churma will tempt guests and our delectable Safed Maas (a delectable mutton dish in rich white sauce – a local delight!) will ensure that energies will not flag as the party keeps going. Food is often one of the most discussed aspects of any wedding – why have the usual tired buffet, when Sterling Resorts can offer the best of its world-class kitchens to cater to every ceremony that makes up your wedding? Our experienced chefs at Sterling Atharva Jaipur can handle a crowd with finesse while still ensuring the grub stays good and the mood stays uplifted.

Wedding decor – outside lawn at Sterling Atharva

Unleash your inner creative, with the decor for your special day. From simple strings of flowers to dot the pretty windows of the Sterling Atharva Jaipur haveli to the most technically challenging light and sound show on our lush lawns, Sterling Resorts caters to your specific design desires. Inspired by the local flora and fauna the resort’s architectural identity is distinctly Rajasthani, reflecting the local ethos at every turn. Enhance an already stunning property with your own personal touches that really tell the story of the special couple and their epic journey. With the support of Sterling Atharva Jaipur, your dream wedding decor becomes a reality.

A royal wedding experience is just what your wedding needs!

The special thing about weddings in India are that every community has their own spin on ceremonies. From a Sangeet that will have everyone on the dancefloor at a Punjabi wedding to the eye-catching Oonjal ceremony in a Tamil wedding that sees the bride and groom swinging on a pretty swing, Sterling Atharva Jaipur has it covered. With us, all traditions be adhered to in the proper fashion as prescribed by the elders of a family, while ensuring that a couple’s personal, modern touch is also shown off for all guests to enjoy. The Sterling Atharva Jaipur property is also the perfect backdrop to cater to your specific needs – from banquet halls to house smaller ceremonies to the landscaped lawns that beckon for bigger celebrations, there is no better place to have your dream destination wedding!

So, this wedding season, explore a new royal wedding destination with our impeccable hospitality at Sterling Atharva, Jaipur.

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