We now live in a world where a journey of several hundred miles is accomplished in a matter of few hours. Millions of people travel across the world for their holidays and are discovering the true spirit and joy of exploring new places, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. As a result,travel &tourism is one the fastest growing industry in the world. But with travel comes responsibility of the environment, heritage, culture and people of the destination one travels to.

World Environment Day - Sterling HolidaysOn this World Environment Day, we are suggesting you 5 small but effective ways to be a ‘Responsible Traveller’.

Do Not Trash

As cliched as it may sound, trash is the biggest nemesis of a tourist destination. Popular tourist spots often get crowded, especially during peak holiday seasons. The end result is accumulation of trash, which mars the natural beauty of these places. So be responsible with your trash; be it bottles, wrappers or peels,if you can’t find a dustbin then carry a disposal bag to store the trash in your backpack until you spot one.

Reuse and Recycle

Reuse empty water bottles instead of buying new ones at every interval. Local people, restaurants and hotel staff are more than pleased to refill water bottles. You can also reuse & recycle plastic bags, cans and containers to reduce plastic waste.

Value Heritage Monuments

It takes great effort to maintain heritage monuments to conserve them. If the cautionary board says ‘no footwear’, ‘no camera’, ‘switch off mobile phone’ and similar instructions, then please respect and follow it. Also, do not break, scratch or deface monumental structures.

Power & Water Conservation

The excitement of being on a trip is explicable. But in this excitement, do not forget to switch off lights, fans, air conditioners and other appliances in your resort’s room. Also stick to quick or moderate showers instead of an hour long bath. Before leaving, do check taps to avoid water wastage.

Volunteer & Support

Every country has its own set of small scale industries, environment conservation programs, and NGOs that are always on the lookout for helping hands. So include at least one such initiative in your travel itinerary and pay them a visit. If your schedule permits it, then you can choose to volunteer for such programs, even if it’s just for a day.

These little steps to travel responsibly go a long way in preserving and protecting the environment. The only way our coming generation will be able to enjoy the pleasure of travelling is when we collectively work towards nurturing the places we visit and cause no harm. So do your bit and be a Responsible Traveller!