India is a country rooted in faith and religion. We have followers of more than a dozen religions living in our country worshipping nearly 33 million Gods. That is why our country rightfully deserves the tag of being the spiritual hub of the world. Be it Sabarimala in Kerala or Vaishno Devi in Jammu & Kashmir, we have renowned temples nestled around the most unassuming corners and rocky mountainous terrains of our country. One such mountain that is blessed with not just one but 900 temples is Shatrunjaya Mountain in Palitana. Let’s discover more about it in this article.

Palitana - Shatrunjaya temple

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Situated in the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat, Palitana is a city that houses 900 temples spread all over Shatrunjaya Mountain. It stretches over about 20 acres of land with over nine hill tops. A tirtha (sacred spiritual place) of Jain community, the well-organised temple complex was built by Jain predecessors between the period of 11th and the 20th century. The credit for this undying devotion and faith goes to the belief that the hill has been blessed by 23 tirthankaras (Human beings who have attained a transcendent state of nirvana and help others to reach the same, according to Jain scriptures).

The temples are made from marble and showcase the amazing architectural finesse of artists gone by. One look at the intricate carvings, jewel bedecked statues, striking idols, and high walls surrounding the temples and you would feel the temples are a cross between grand European palaces and mighty Indian forts.

Almost every visitor here, irrespective of being a Jainism follower or not, vouch for the fact that the upward climb of 3.5 kilometres on Shatrunjaya mountain is an ethereal experience. The cluster of neatly organised and jaw-dropping 900 temples is a sight not to be missed.