“We travel not to escape life, but for life to not escape us…” How true is this quote?

To become a traveler, all you need is that one trip. Yes, one magical trip is what it takes to make anyone fall in love with travel. Different people have different tastes, especially when it comes to travelling. No matter if you want to backpack and explore the unexplored lands or you want to take luxurious getaways, travelling is beautiful.

Are you still looking for reasons to travel? Read on!

 To learn, co-exist, and accept

When you start travelling, you learn to co-exist and accept the cultural differences. You might not always like the culture, the lifestyle, or the food  of the people around you. However, if you are a frequent traveler, you will get a chance to learn about new culture, try a new cuisine, and even accept the rules and regulations of the new place.

Furthermore, you’ll learn about the history and mythology of the place you are traveling to. You understand their rituals. It can be a bit overwhelming in the initial stages, but gradually you will love learning new things.

 To make new friends

One of the best things about traveling is that you meet a lot of new people. Every person you meet will have a story to share. At times, you will even exchange phone numbers or add them to your social media accounts. Travel facilitates a good conversation and there is a good chance you will make new friends.  Having friends around the globe is also a great feeling.


 To unwind

 Jobs, these days, can be demanding. Many people take trips, once in a while, to unwind and let go of the stress. The beauty of traveling is that you can find a unique way to unwind in each place. If you are in a hilly region, you can trek. If you are on an island, you can indulge in water sports; in a land like Kerala, you can indulge in the forest trails, Ayurvedic spa, etc.

 To push your boundaries

Travelling at a young age helps you get rid of your fears and inhibitions. No matter whether you have acrophobia or if you are scared of being alone, travelling helps you push your boundaries and do things that you were always scared to do.

 To get lost in the beauty of nature

 The 20s are the right age to travel. You are neither too young nor too old. You will not only relish the beauty of the nature, but you will also be bold enough to lose yourselves to nature.


 To become a storyteller

 “Travelling leaves you speechless and then it turns you into a storyteller”

When you travel, you become a storyteller. You start appreciating even the tiny things. Even if you are not a writer, you will be tempted to jot down your travelogue.

In other words, travel makes you not just a rejuvenated person, but it will also trigger your hidden talents.

 To feel independent

There’s no better feeling than feeling independent. Far away from home, responsible enough to take care of oneself, reading, travelling, exploring, communicating, and discovering – these are all together an amazing feeling.

Travelling is fun, entertaining, and it teaches you a lot. Every destination changes you in a certain way. Every new place leaves a different impact in your life. You also unwind, observe, learn, and discover. If you are planning to travel, do not hesitate. Pack your backpacks and go!