Daman is an enchanting city in the Union Territory of Daman and Diu. It is a city with a rich history and culture with a strong Portuguese influence. It was a Portuguese settlement from the 16th century till the year 1961 when it was incorporated into the Republic of India.

Today Daman is an interesting getaway with its numerous beaches, fort, churches, and temples. Daman is actually bisected into two parts by the Daman Ganga river. One part is known as Nani-Daman and the other one is known as Moti-Daman. Interestingly the part known as Nani-Daman is the larger of the two. Moti Daman is the old city where a 400-year-old fort still stands intact and houses many government offices. Daman is becoming very popular, so much so that many people are stating that Daman is the next Goa.

Here is a list of 7 spectacular places to visit in Daman.

Nani Daman Fort

This fort covers an area of 12,250 square metres. With two gateways and three bastions embellished by a high stone wall, the fort makes for a grand spectacle. One of the gates faces the Daman Ganga river and has a statue of St. Jerome. This gate is a very picturesque sight and a great locale for instagrammable photos. The main building inside the fort is a charming church of Our Lady of the Sea.

Moti Daman Fort

moti daman fort 1

The Moti Daman fort spans an area of about 30,000 Square Metres. This fort was constructed by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century as a protection against invaders after they settled there. The law wall at the edge of the roof has loopholes while the fort has projections that jut out at regular intervals throughout its circumference. The fort consists of ten bastions and two gateways with a surrounding trench. The fort today houses the Secretariat and other Government buildings. There are numerous exquisite churches that ornament the fort. The fort also offers some stunning panoramic views too.

Jampore Beach

Daman Jampore beach

The Jampore beach offers a secluded haven of relaxation in Daman. It is situated about 5 kilometres away from the city and serves as a perfect place to relax. The tree-fringed beach is quiet and a great place to just walk along the sands or soak in some sun while admiring the waves caressing the beach. One can choose to just build castles in the sand or indulge in the different sports activities available here. A fitting finale to the day would be watching a sublime sunset on the western horizon.

Church of Bom Jesus

This is a historic Church that dates back to the 16th century and was established in the initial years of the Portuguese settlement. The church is a testimony in stone to the finesse of Portuguese architecture and their engineering skills. The exquisitely carved gateways, the wooden altars and the elegant interiors of the church make for an enchanting experience.

Jain Temple

Jain Temple Daman

This is a magnificent Jain temple that is located near the Nani Daman Fort. Built in white marble the structure glows like a pearl and has a soothing ambiance that is so characteristic of Jain temples. The walls of the temple have glass covers that are inlaid with murals that depict the life and times of Mahavir.

Devka Beach

Devka beach

The Devka beach is a nice family getaway. The beach has an amusement park that will keep kids engaged as well as a musical fountain which attracts young and old alike. Plenty of food stalls in the vicinity make for a complete family outing.

Daman Freedom Memorial

It was in December 1961 that the First Battalion of the Maratha Light Infantry liberated Daman after a heroic battle. Thus ended more than 400 years of Portuguese control of Daman. The battle for Daman left four Indians dead and fourteen injured. The Daman Freedom Memorial which is situated near the Secretariat building is a requiem for the brave souls who fought valiantly in this battle.

Daman beckons with its aura of ancient history and pristine natural environs. To know more about what places you can see in Daman, check out our blog on the top 5 must see places in Daman. When you are in Daman you have Sterling Daman to relax and enjoy the spectacular experiences the place has to offer.