Solo women travellers are now aplenty. The world of solo travel has finally opened up to them and embraced their passion to backpack and travel the globe. As fun as it sounds, travelling solo however might require a little more preparation and little extra care. So, whether you are travelling for your birthday, for some soul searching or merely to get away from the mundane everyday routine, there are a few things that you should include while planning the trip. We have compiled a list of must haves that will come in handy on your solo trip

Multipurpose Shoes

Footwear is one item which takes up a lot of space while packing. If you have to pack more than one pair, every woman has experienced the struggle of trying to find space for it. Choose wisely when it comes to shoes—pick a multipurpose pair which you can run, walk and go hiking in. As a bonus pick a pair which are cute and match most of your outfits!

A fully equipped toiletry case

A full-range toiletry kit is an absolute must have for any female traveller. Your dental kit, travel size body wash and shampoos, nail clippers, sunscreen/moisturisers and the works. You can easily find travel kits online; what is even better and more cost-effective is to make them yourself.  Just ensure you tape them up well, and have a nice canvas bag to carry them in, to avoid spillage.

Your anti-UTI  device

Peebuddy, is a product which you must simply look up and stock up on before embarking on your trip. The urination device designed especially for women will save you the hassle of having to find a clean toilet. It allows you to meet your needs without putting you at the risk of any infections. It is portable and can easily fit in your luggage without taking too much space. It’s an absolute must have for any female traveller.

Unicharm Tampons

If you are taking a short trip, then you are going to be smart enough to plan it around your monthly cycle. If your trip exceeds 20 days then your cycles are going to make a visit. Menstruating while travelling could be very irritating, and so it is important that you are as comfortable as possible.  Make sure you pack a box of tampons or a reusable menstrual cup. They will take up less space, are more travel savvy and not to mention, extremely comfortable. To ensure comfort, make sure to carry electric gel heating pads which you can charge and heat at the nearest plug point. Travel in comfort every day.

Personal Safety Alarm

If you don’t know what these are, we suggest you give it a look. Often shaped as a keychain or a wrist watch, they transmit high pitched alarm sounds when activated. Alerting people for help and bringing attention to your situation. Along with a personal safety alarm, carrying mace or pepper spray or a Swiss army knife can come in handy if you are ever in a situation which requires you to use it. Don’t have time to buy a spray? Just arm yourself with some pepper or red chilli powder. It will come in handy if the need arises. Better safe than sorry, right?

Travelling should be hassle free and fun.  It should be filled with enriching experiences. Unexpected situations shouldn’t put a bender in your travel, thereby marring the memory or the entire experience. These tips will help you save a hell lot of trouble and make you better prepared to face the adversities, if any. So go ahead follow your heart and go out and experience the world.