We all want to look stylish. More so when travelling. After all, those pictures on social media need to look good! Many of us even go to the extent of ‘aping’ the celebrities when it comes to travelling in style.

Travelling begins much before you hit the airport. From planning the ideal outfits to picking the right accessories, it’s all about getting that perfect picture. Every step of the trip is then spent in an endeavour to look stylish.
So, here are some simple tips to help you ace the style game on your next trip.

1. Be versatile

Pick versatile pieces that can be reused throughout the trip. Stuff like jeggings, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops or strappy tops are both versatile and stylish. They are also lightweight and occupy less space in the luggage.

2. Dress for the destination

Looking chic and stylish is everyone’s vacay goal. It can be as effortless as you want it to be – all you have to do is to choose pieces in three complementing colours. Pick the colours based on your destination and you can create multiple outfits by just mixing them. If you’re heading to an urban destination, then any combination of white, black, navy and charcoal should serve you right. For a beachy, outdoor vibe, grab some khakis & off-white pants, and pair them up with bright hues like yellow and turquoise in fun patterns.

3. Hair game on point

A stylish outfit has to be complemented by stylish looking hair. People with both short and long hair might find it difficult to manage it at times. For short hair, accessories like bandanas, hair clips can come in handy to style it well. To flaunt your long locks, make use of headbands, hair bands, scrunchies, clips and lots of bobby pins to create that ultra-chic look.

4. Minimise the shoes

We all have our own favourite pair of shoes, but that doesn’t mean they hit the right comfort level. Strike the right balance between comfort and style and go for a pair of smart sneakers, casual slip-ons, or flip-flops for the daytime. If you have a nice evening planned, throw on a pair of kitten heels or ballerinas that go well with your outfit.

5. Accessorise Right

A few key accessories can always amp-up your outfit. Be sure to toss in a pair of oversized earrings, a necklace/chain and a statement cocktail ring for when you step out for a quaint evening dinner or party. Your must-haves should also include the right kind of bag, a small backpack or a tote bag which can accompany you during your daytime excursions and a sleek pouch that doubles as an evening bag when you head out for a special occasion.

6. Wake up and Make-up

When it comes to make-up on travel, we have one word for you – downsize! You need products that are multi-functional, that won’t break or fall apart when you travel, and are packaged small enough to fit into one handy-dandy little travel palette. Here are your basics – A coloured eye pencil that can double up as an eyeliner & kajal, a tinted moisturizer or BB cream(this can act as both moisturizer/foundation), lip stain instead of lipstick(bye-bye, reapplication!), and a good quality sunscreen(trust us, you need this).

Bonus tip: Some other things you can pack are wet wipes, petroleum jelly, tiny nail-kit, and lots of hair bands!

So, there you have it! You can look your absolute best but travel is all about the experience. The more low maintenance you can be, the more fun you will have. So go on, be the travel fashionista you were born to be!