We wish all our customers, friends, and well wishers a happy and safe Diwali. Celebrated by people of almost all regions, and many religions in India, Diwali is one of those occasions that brings in festive fervour and oneness in the subcontinent.

Besides, the religious reasons, why we look forward to a function like Diwali is that it is associated with all good things in life: light, colour, sound, sweets, presents, (and of course, holidays).

We, at Sterling Holidays, are all set to make the stay of our guests, who are going to be with us during Diwali, a truly memorable one that signifies the triumph of good over evil. But, considering the safety, environmental and civic issues involved, we have to celebrate Diwali in more thoughtful ways.

Smokeless Diwali Celebration-Sterling Holidays

This photo, “Diwali” @Flickr from
Partha Sarathi Sahana made available under an Attribution license

Here are  some tips for a better Diwali:

Laughter the best cracker: Isn’t it fun lighting up Diwali skies with fireworks? But what is even more enjoyable is lightening up our hearts with laughter. Visiting friends and families has always been a part of Diwali celebrations. Arranging for get-together around some fun activities and spending more time enjoying the really real conversations, friendly chats and childful plays – is the essence of Diwali.

Contemplation the best celebration: Diwali is so full of attractions – shopping, eating out, visiting places, watching new movies. But the festival of light also means inward purity. Isn’t it a nice idea to read few pages of sacred books or spend a few minutes in prayer? Have some time for reflection, and refresh your Self.

Let new thoughts, new hopes and new paths unfold this Diwali for all of us. Share our thoughts with your friends and family. Happy Diwali wishes, once again!