Traveling by road is a unique experience of its own. Train, air and sea travel do have their own charisma, but a quality road trip is in a different league altogether. A road trip gives you a real time experience of the places that you will be traveling through. You get really close to the lay of the land which leaves a deep impact and creates wonderful travel memories. A road trip anywhere in the world is a pleasure of the highest order; however India, with its gorgeous landscapes, offers some stunning road trip opportunities you need to indulge in.

Delhi is the essential gateway to many breath-taking road trips which takes one across some phenomenal landscapes and splendid destinations.

One road trip that is sure to enthrall you and leave you craving for more is the one that will take you from the bustling city life of Delhi to the serene environs of Dharamshala. This road trip guarantees 475 kilometers of pure bliss. You will revel in joy watching the changing landscapes as the journey progresses and reaches its culmination at Dharamshala.

How to get there

The best way to do this road trip is to hit NH-1 in the early morning, so that you can ensure that you are at your destination by late evening. As a statutory warning, do not have breakfast before you start! Indulge in an authentic North Indian breakfast of finger-licking Parathas instead at the numerous wayside Dhabas to kick-start your road trip.

As you zoom away on the NH-1 towards your destination, you will pass some very important and historic places.


Panipat is up first. This significant destination features in the Mahabharata and is one of the five villages that the Pandavas demanded from the Kauravas. Historically, Panipat was the theatre of war and well known for the famous battles which happened here.


As you get lost in the intriguing labyrinths of history, the road leads you to yet another mega theatre of war which could be termed as the cornerstone of Hindu philosophy – Kurukshetra. This striking destination was the battlefield where the Pandavas raged war against the Kauravas in the Mahabharata. This is the place which, according to mythology, is the place where the Bhagvad Gita was born in the form of a sermon by Krishna to Arjuna.



Lost in the fascinating mosaic of stories weaved in the Mahabharata, you will reach Ambala. Ambala is a unique location of interest to travelers as it is in close proximity to many important travel destinations. Chandigarh is about 47 kilometers away, Shimla is at a distance of 148 kilometers and Amritsar is located about 260 kilometers away. Ambala has a strong Indian Army and Airforce presence at Ambala Cantonment. Historically, the city is well known as the place where Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin, Nathuram Godse, was hanged to death.


Leaving Ambala behind, you will soon reach the beautiful city of Chandigarh – India’s first planned city. The well planned streets and buildings that seem to seamlessly merge with the surroundings, stand as a silent testimony to the genius of its creator, the architect, Le Corbusier. You can reach Chandigarh in about five to six hours making it an ideal place for a refreshing pit stop. If you are not in a hurry, you can pay a visit to the famous Rock Garden which is a popular tourist attraction.

Rock Garden Chandigarh

The Nalagarh Fort

As you pull away from the beautiful city of Chandigarh and head towards Swarghat, a picturesque town with the famous the Nalagarh fort in its vicinity, you will get thrilled with the panoramic scenery all around you. Drive into the Kangra valley to feel the currents of bliss pulsating within you. The verdant and green valley of the lower Himalayas will leave you spellbound. Kangra city, which was known as Nagarkot in history, will beckon you into a world of pristine calmness and serenity. Soon, the beauty of nature will engulf you as you enter your destination, Dharamshala, a beautiful destination in Himachal Pradesh, which is also home to the Dalai Lama.

The Nalagarh Fort

This brings you to the end of a memorable road trip and the beginning of new and wonderful experience. Look forward to the beautiful experiences that await you in Dharamshala as you retire on your bed in the comfortable and lovely environs of Dharamshala The Sanctuary.