Story of Dosa

Popularly known as the South Indian Crepe – Dosa is relished across the country. Dosa is believed to exist since the 5th century AD and was found in the Temple streets of Udipi, Karnataka. Usually spelled as Dosa, Dosai or Dosay, it was first referred to as Dosa in Tamil literature in 1054 AD by Chalukya King Somesvara III.

Delicious and crispy, Dosa is one food that never disappoints. Generally had for breakfast, dinner and even as a quick snack, Dosas come with some great health benefits. High in carbohydrates and low in calories, they are one of the popular diet dishes. The fermenting process of making the Dosa increases the nutrient benefits. They are also rich in minerals and easily digestible.

There are a hundred ways to eat this traditional delicacy. From having it with the good-old sambar and chutney to soaking it in cheese and chicken gravy, we’ve experimented a lot with this traditional delicacy.

Varieties of Dosa

Dosa is the only Indian breakfast that has umpteen varieties across the country. From simple plain paper dosa and crispy ghee dosa to spicy masala dosa and nutrient-rich ragi dosa, this crispy crepe has taken a multitude of avatars in our cuisine.   

Dosa Day at Sterling Resorts

Dosa day was celebrated across our resorts by presenting the guests with some manifold varieties of scrumptious and flavourful Dosas. Starting from the desi Paneer Masala Dosa, Mysore Masala Dosa and Raagi Dosa to the exotic Open Pizza Dosa, Egg Wrap Dosa, Cheese Dosa and Mexican Dosa. Our chefs flaunted this unique Indian Crepe by curating some fascinating colourful Dosas like Beetroot Dosa, Carrot Dosa and Green Moong Dal Dosa.

Our guests including kids had a great time cooking alongside our chefs and prepared some delicious Dosas.

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