Neelam, Banginapalli, Alphonso, Malda, Sindhoori, Chandrakaran, Rumani, Malgova, Panchavarnam, Kalama, Irumbus, Balamani and much more – all these represent ‘its’ varieties. ‘It’ is a legendary fruit popularly called as the ‘King of Fruits’. Wonder what ‘it’ is?

It is nothing but sweet golden Mangoes. Summer is here. And so is the season of Mangoes. From plucking them to relishing them till the last drop, there are a million childhood memories that you relate with Mangoes. Probably due to the timing of its arrival or probably due to its heavenly taste, Mangoes are strongly connected with good times and nostalgia. With the first pack of the raw green tangy Mangoes to the ones that are fully ripe and sweet, nothing could beat the joy of eating Mangoes. The King of Fruits could be used to whip up delicious summer delights.

Mango Festival

Mango festival was celebrated in grand style across our resorts. Mango beverages, dishes prepared using Mango as the main ingredient was offered to make guests have a fulfilling experience with this amazing fruit.

Starting from mocktails like Mango Punch, Mango Sunrise, Mango Honey Delight, Mango Colada to dishes like Methi Malai Mangifera, Malgova Panacotta, Mango Slice, Sweet Mango Pickle, Grated Mango Pickle, Sterling provided exotic and tasty mocktails and dishes

Pastries made of Mango were displayed at the entrance along with the different kinds of Mangoes.

Sterling Kufri

Sterling Kodai Valley

Sterling Kodai Lake

Sterling Yercaud

Sterling Goa-Bardez