If you are one of the travelers who often get curios on what’s on a menu, what’s in a recipe, or what you are about to eat, then this extensive dictionary of local and international food terms will give you the definitions you need when you need them; no cellular signal is needed.

Concise definitions and countries of origin are clearly presented in a quick and simple to use application. There are over 2,200 terms defining the most popular and not so popular food terms you are likely to encounter at restaurants around the world. Brush up on your tapas lingo, order food in a foreign country with confidence, prepare a foreign recipe, or amaze your friends with your knowledge of obscure foods.

In our opinion this is a good application for the gastronomical newbie and the experienced foodie.

Application details:

App name Foodict Gourmet Food Dictionary
Platform iPhone and iPod Touch
Version (as listed on website) 1.1 (September 2009)
By The Serendipity Connection, Inc.
Download link Foodict on iTunes

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