When we are on a holiday with friends and/or family, our most memorable moments happen around food. We celebrate our most important moments over a dining table with a choice of favorite delicious food. It’s not only about nutritious facts but also about discussions, romance, ideas, family, exploration, and so much more.

You can give your meals a special treatment with Evernote Food, a treatment they deserve.

Main Features of the app

Remember the meal

Snap photos of dishes, people you’re with and the venue, then add captions and thoughts as you go.

Recall them all

Browse and find all your past experiences in Evernote Food and inside Evernote.

Track your food adventures

Whether cooking at home or traveling to faraway lands, all your food memories are in one place.

In our opinion this is a good application for preserving every delicious moment!

Application details:

App name Evernote Food
Platform iPhone and Android
Version (as listed on website) 1.2.3
By Evernote Corporation
Download link – For iPhone Food for iPhone
Download link – For Android Food for Android

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