A journey isn’t just about packing up and heading out, or about choosing a mode of travel. A journey is as important an experience as is the destination. When you’re on long trips, there are a couple of nifty gadgets you can use to double up on the excitement of travelling. Here are our favourite picks, categorised based on the various needs of travellers.

Based on Resourcefulness

Luggage Scooter

The luggage-on-wheels concept made commuting with big loads much easier, but it’s still quite a hassle to drag along a bag lazily. The luggage scooter brought in an element of fun with its retractable scooter design. Now you can get where you’re going in a jiffy and look cool doing it too.


The Zinc Flyte Luggage Scooter is a cool accessory for your kids to carry along. It has a retractable scooter that snuggly fits into the back of the bag. The bag comes with a good number of colours and designs as well as compartments to fit all your child’s needs.  

INR: 28,937

Hoodie Pillow

Travelling a full 24 hours is tiring so naturally, you need a comfortable sleeping experience while on the go. Borrowing from the concept of the inflatable pillow, the hoodie pillow lets you take long, uninterrupted naps thanks to the double benefit of having a comfortable cushioned headrest at the back and blinders in the front.

The House of Quirk travel pillow has a hoodie attached to its base for that much-needed comfort while you sleep. You also get a free eye mask and ear corks to muffle out the sights and sounds of long journeys completely.

Hoodie Pillow

INR: 598

Headphone splitter

Headphones have become default accessories to carry on every trip, long or short. When you’re travelling with a gang, and everyone wants to listen to music, you can opt for a headphone splitter. The device has multiple 3.5 mm ports that connect to a single jack. Now everyone can tune into a travel-friendly beat.

The Cable Hunter audio splitter comes with five additional headphones jacks for audio sharing. You can plug it into your smartphone, laptop or mp3 player and share music with your pals on the go.


INR: 500

Based on Entertainment

Portable speakers

Music is, by a long shot, an essential accessory for long distance travel. While headphones do the trick for a personal and satisfying experience, a pair of portable speakers or a wireless speaker capsule is a good thing to carry with you when there’s a party plan at rest stops and lodges.

The Essot Bluetooth speakers are the perfect buy for audiophiles looking to play their jams during parties or bonfire gatherings. You get up to 4 hours of battery life and a microphone for hands-free loudspeaker conversations.


INR: 2,400


For bibliophiles, having a book to read while travelling is a must. But you can’t carry all your favourite paperbacks on a trip. Opt for a Kindle eBook to keep your bookwork urges in check. There will never be a dull moment during your trip when you have the ability to download a huge number of books and store them in the digital library.

Amazon’s best eBook offering is the Kindle Paperwhite. It has a gorgeous six-inch display with anti-glare technology and a battery that can last for an entire week on a full charge. The Kindle library can house over a thousand books.


INR: 10,999

Mobile camera lens attachments

Smartphone cameras will never fully replace a powerful DSLR camera, but for the non-shutterbugs are keen on taking good photos, an external lens attachment is the best pick. Anytime you find yourself surrounded by selfie-friendly sceneries; you can always clip on these lenses and snap away.

The K&F phone lens kit includes three camera lenses and a clip attachment device. You can take a stunning photo of your journey with the macro lens, fish-eye lens or Wide angle lens.


INR: 3,399

Based on hygiene

Portable water purifier

When you’re on an adventurous trip, surrounded by wildlands and tough waters, things tend to get a little messy. While getting rid of their external dirt is easy, it’s hard to trust the water for drinking purposes. A portable water purifier is a perfect solution when you’re embarking on long treks.

The Eureka Aquaguard water purifier uses powerful magnets to collect and disperse all the dust and dirt inside water. It can collect and purify water from any source including rivers and lakes.


INR: 595

Portable washing machine

You’ve quenched our thirst with a water purifier, but what to do about the dirty clothes? Obviously, you’ll have to get them neat and clean again, but there’s no washing machine or scrubbable surface in the wild outdoors. A portable washing machine, which is essentially a large bag with inbuilt scrubbing nodules, is the best pick.

The Scrubba Washbag is a uniquely designed accessory that washes your clothes clean in minutes. All you have to do is place your dirty clothes in the bag, add some water with detergent, seal the bag and gently rub the bag to activate the cleaning granules inside the surface.


INR: 6,760

If you enjoy embarking on long trips and staying in wonderful holiday resorts, these gadgets can amplify that pleasurable experience. Are you a tech geek? Don’t miss out on the many ways you can use Virtual reality on your next big trip.