Travel is all about satisfying the innate urge to explore more than what meets the eye every day. To many, this means visiting terrains and cultures, drastically different from what usually surrounds them. However, a few go the extra mile and decide to look beyond what men consider their territory; they seek to satiate their spirit of adventure in water!

Although there are many places in India that sport magnificent beaches and backwaters, Karwar stands out among them for reasons more than one. For one thing, few other tourist sports can boast of being host to a diverse array of water sports as Karwar can. Secondly, it also offers other varied options for sightseeing on land.

Let us take a look at a few of the water sport activities that one can enjoy at Karwar

Snorkelling – Snorkelling refers to floating face down with the aid of a diving mask – a shaped tube called snorkel. It requires a minimal amount of training or complicated equipment and hence is a safe bet for all ages (children have to be accompanied by supervisors). One only needs to know to swim and breathe through the snorkel and lo! within a few minutes, you are exploring the beauty of reefs and marine life underwater.

snorkeling in karwar

This photo, “Snorkelling” @Flickr from
Sarah_Ackerman made available under an Attribution license

Scuba Diving – It refers to swimming underwater with the help of a scuba. Scuba diving differs from snorkeling in that, the former allows you to swim to deeper parts of the ocean, while the latter restricts you to those areas of the waters which is near the surface and lets sunlight in. Since it requires more effort and equipment than snorkeling, one needs to train for a couple of days to scuba dive. One might remember seeing scuba divers explore ruins of ship wrecks in movies. Well, perhaps we might not get so lucky here but surely, seeing brightly coloured tropical fish makes it no less thrilling!

scuba diving in devbagh karwar beach

This photo, “Scuba Diving in depths of the ocean” @Flickr
from Grand Velas Riviera Maya made available under a Share Alike,
Attribution license

Banana Boat Ride – Forget venturing underwater. What about the kick of riding like a King (or Queen) over it? Also known as a water sled, a banana boat is an inflatable recreational boat in the shape of – well, no surprises here – a banana! It can usually accommodate four to ten riders. It is a bumpy ride for the entire family and can be a lot of fun too, provided your partner doesn’t threaten in jest to push you off it.

banana boat ride karwar

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peanuttt made available under an Attribution license

Kayaking – Yes, the names just keep getting weirder, although we can’t blame this one for the way it sounds. It is, after all, a 4000-year old activity that was originally invented by the Eskimos. It refers to paddling across water using a kayak, a long, thin and shallow vessel. Owing to its narrow shape, you can feel the tipping and turning every time you launch yourself over waves and rapids and squeeze your vessel between rocks or over bends.

kayaking in karnataka karwar

This photo, “Trips ’06 – Redpine Lk, Ontario – 02 – McKay kayaking” @Flickr
from mckaysavage made available under an Attribution license

Surfing –This one is a no-brainer for those of us who grew up watching Baywatch. A surfer rides on a surf board on the crest and face of a wave. It is (quite literally), an in your face outdoor water experience for those who love action and adventure. It requires some training and is not suitable for all ages.

surfing in karnataka karwar

This photo, “Surfing on the Ottawa River” @Flickr
from Peter Blanchard made available under a Share Alike,
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With its pristine, tropical backdrop, deep waters and rapid waves, Karwar is an ideal spot for water sports. After from the ones in the list, one also has options of checking out boating, water skiing and water scooters. Meanwhile, about ten nautical miles away from Karwar is the beautiful island of Devbagh. Here, you have an option of indulging in activities like white water rafting, canoeing and coracling.

If you are seeking a relaxing getaway and are looking for some fun over and under water, Karwar is the place for you.