Think about the number of times when you got confused regarding the confirmation numbers of air tickets, hotels, and restaurants. There would have been many times when you have forgotten directions while visiting new places. Also recall the worries you had about the updates on waiting list tickets. If you could carry all the travel details in one single app, how easy it would have been.

Here is a solution! TripIt is an app which organizes all the details of a trip even if it involves multiple places. TripIt combines every detail of the trip into a master itinerary and manages it for you. It is almost like taking an efficient personal secretary with you.

Main Features of the App

Easy Tracking

TripIt will keep a track of important data like confirmation numbers of air tickets and hotels and provides real-time updates to your calendar.

High Compatibility

TripIt works with any type of device like an iPhone, Blackberry, Phone with Android OS, Tablet, iPad etc. The app can work even on airplane mode.


TripIt’s special social component – ‘Who’s Close’ is associated with LinkedIn and synchronizes your address book to locate contacts near to the place where you are present.

Application Details

App Name TripIt
By Concur Technologies, Inc.
Versions TripIt Free, TripIt Pro, TripIt for Business
Download link for iPhone TripIt for iPhone
Download link for Phones with Android OS TripIt for Android
Download link for Blackberry Phones TripIt for Blackberry

The site has various other versions of apps for tablets, iPads and Windows Phone 7.

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