Derived from the Tamil word “colai” meaning “grove”, the Shola trees are species of stunted tropical montane forest found primarily in high altitude grasslands. If you are taking a hike across the Nilgiri Hills, you will able to spot a thicket of trees that grow close to the ground, spreading in layers surrounded by undulating grassland patches.

Intruder alert

Once famed for its 25 varieties of Shola trees, the Nilgiri Hills began losing its natural fauna when urbanisation came in full swing. As Sholas are stunted, they have no timber value, resulting in deforestation and reintroduction of exotic tree species such as the Eucalyptus and Cinchona trees. Many endangered species of wildlife and unique flora started dying out or moving away from the grasslands, making the once sprawling beautiful scenery now a dull landscape.

When Mother Nature strike back, she strikes hard! In response to the uprooting of the Shola trees, nature sought out to dry up the once lush, free flowing water bodies across the valleys. Eucalyptus trees are known to be high water consumers and continued to creep along the hillside blocking up many water sprouts. On the contrary, Shola trees have high water retention capacity, making it the most precious source of water in high altitudes.

Realising the error of their ways; many residents of Nigiri Hills have taken upon themselves to restore the lost glory. With a little help from the Forest Department, areas such as the Elk Hills in Udhagamandlam, have seen a return of the Shola trees and with that, the comeback of favourite wildlife like the barking deer, leopard, gaur and langur. The regrowth is happening in such a delightfully quick rate that the local trees are overtaking the exotic species.

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A room with a view

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