Travel is a window to unique and life-changing experiences, and when it comes to road trips, they are like the icing on the cake.

Why Road Trips?

Road trips are an excellent way to get an immersive experience of the terrain that one is travelling in. It gives one the luxury to stop when a place tugs at your heart strings and you yearn to spend some moments there.

Why Kerala?

Talking about road trips, probably some of the best routes are in God’s own Country – Kerala. The lush greenery and the shimmering backwaters make a fantastic setting for any road trip in Kerala. Distances and fatigue fade into the background as you cruise through the roads of this enchanting land which will leave you enthralled. One road trip that will take you through some of the most picturesque terrains is the one from Kochi to Thekkady.


You will watch the 170 odd kilometres just fall away as the natural beauty all around you will have you ensnared in its bewitching grip for the 5 hours of your journey. Looking out of the window as you watch the swaying coconut palms and small and dainty churches and chapels go by, it will dawn upon your senses as to why Kerala is referred to as “God’s own Country”. The land seems to have been created with extra special care by the “Maker”, and as you imbibe the natural beauty all around, thrilling currents of bliss will explode in your mind.

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The Enchanting Sight of Thiruvankulam

As you pass through Thiruvankulam and leave the city of Kochi behind, your spirits will soar as they rise to meet the beauty and essence of nature all around. As you speed past small villages with little children on their way to school, you are bound to reflect on the simplicity and beauty of life.

The Historic Town of Muvattupusha

You will soon reach the town of Muvattupusha, which is the land where three rivers intermingle to form a sacred and sanctified spot. As you pass by the Muvattupusha Bridge, just pause enough to give a thought to its fascinating history. The concrete bridge was built in 1914 by a British engineer named W.H Emerald, who was so confident of his skills that he sat under the bridge while 12 elephants were made to walk on it, the day the bridge was inaugurated.

The Picturesque Idukki

 Once you leave Muvattupusha and pass through the small village of Kadavoor, you will soon hit Vannapuram which is the gateway to the beautiful and scenic Idukki district. Popular destinations like Thekkady, Munnar, Idukki Dam are located near Vannapuram. The place has a large Syrian-Catholic population and houses the lovely Mar Sleeva Church.


Kattappana – The View from 3600 Feet Above

 The thrill of nearing your destination will send small currents of joy coursing through your being as you move forward in the picturesque Idukki district. The district lies in the Western Ghats of Kerala and is majorly covered by verdant forests. You will realise that you really are very close to nature by the fact that though the district is the second largest in terms of area, it is the least populated district of Kerala. Curving mountain roads, deep valleys, the air scented with the natural fragrances of the forest, together will lull you into a trance-like state as you watch the pageant of nature unfold before your eyes. As you pass through Kattappana, a town situated at an altitude of 3,600 feet, do get out and stretch your legs and take in the amazing view of the Idukki dam below.

The Holy Town of Chakkupallam

Once you reach Chakkupallam, you will not be in a position to control your excitement as you are literally on the threshold of your destination, Thekkady. But it would be worthwhile to control the excitement and look at another beautiful and large Church that was built in the year 2000. From here, fly away on the final leg of the road trip. Thekkady is about 7 kilometres from here. Within minutes you will reach Paradise, also known as Thekkady.

Where to Stay After Reaching Thekkady?


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