Sometimes Lifes Best Decisions are taken on the Spot !

Sweta Saraf

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We went to Malaysia for a holiday trip. We visited one of the best theme parks of the world, Sunway Lagoon Theme park.

To be honest, I had no intention to try Bungee Jumping till the last minute. But when I saw the actual thrill of participants, after 45 minutes, I was standing at the edge of a wooden platform, 22m above ground level (almost the height of a 9 storey building) ready to take the Plunge!

Even before the actual visit, when I saw the advertising poster for adventure activities at the theme park, for a moment I mentally ticked bungee jumping on the ‘things to do before I die’ list. “How ironic would it be if you die while completing your before-I-die list?” asked my hubby. It was a question that deserved a few minutes of serious contemplation.

So when we went to sightseeing, we crossed our eyebrows deep in thought as we trudged across the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge. We saw a Korean boy diving casually as if he is going for a swim.

Now standing at the Bungee Jumping platform I thought of that boy, ‘This can’t be that tough’ I contemplated breathing normally for a few seconds.

The instructor started harnessing me all around. But as soon as my eyes were on the drop below, my Heart started pounding at an unreasonable pace. The instructor  told me to relax, take baby steps towards the edge, hands parallel to the ground. “Don’t Jump. Just fall freely” he kept telling.  Then he broke into a count of five. On reaching five I was supposed to take the leap of faith.

I took baby steps, breathing deeply and on the count of 5, I just stood rigid. First attempt Fail. “I can’t do this”, I said in a desperate attempt to get out. My hubby nodded, smiled and encouraged me to try again. “Push me”, I pleaded. Instructor said “No. We can’t do that. Try again!” I swallowed hard, closed my eyes and wriggled my toes. Again the same baby steps, on the count of five, I lost balance and before I knew I was off the platform. That’s it. I fell down at an alarming pace. Few seconds later I felt a jerk and for a moment I thought I had messed up something! But it was perfect. I opened my eyes and swayed like a pendulum. I was so overjoyed and smiled. A tube boat came and I was lowered into it. As I lay there facing the Sky, getting unharnessed, Oh My God, I had ‘The Ultimate Feeling’ of having achieved something few people dare to do! Instructor looked at me and asked if I was fine. I showed the Thumbs Up sign!

After all, I was going to live and complete the rest of the things I would do before I die !

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