Whenever you visit states like Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh, you will surely notice colourful prayer flags hung on roadsides. These are Buddhist prayer flags and each aspect of the flag right from the colour to the words has a deeper meaning associated with it. It is believed that these flags carry our prayers through the wind to get them answered.

The colours red, blue, yellow, white and green flags represent elements like fire, wind, earth, air, and water respectively. You will also see the mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ on these flags. These words stand for values like ethics, compassion, patience, renunciation, diligence, and wisdom.

Taking the road less travelled amidst soothing prayer flags 

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Carrying the words as the flags flutter in the wind

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Prayer flags spreading the mantra of compassion, ethics, renunciation and wisdom

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No sight is more beautiful than the fluttering colourful flags

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Prayer flags emitting positive spiritual vibrations

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Faded flags signifying the prayers have been carried by the breeze

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Feeling completely peaceful among fluttering prayer flags

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Prayer flags with the Buddha looming large

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Prayer flags bestowing good wishes on the surrounding area

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Prayer flags fluttering serenely in the breeze overhead

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Keeping the Bon tradition alive with the colourful flags

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Prayer flags carrying the sutras and mantras with the wind

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Harmonizing the elements within the body with the colourful flags

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Colourful flags spreading goodwill, silent blessings and compassion

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Colourful flags sending out positive energy with the wind

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No place more incredible than a lake surrounded by mountains and the prayer flags

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Blue sky, wide open space and the prayer flags for company

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