“Water is the driving force of all nature,” said Leonardo da Vinci. A perfect truth, if Karwar—a seaside town in Karnataka— were to be measured by this saying.

Water, a very versatile natural element and the very essence of life, is what adds a touch of beauty to every place. And this is most evident in Karwar, where the River Kali meets the Arabian Sea to form an estuary. Naturally, the seaside town’s tourism too emerges out of the various facets and personas of its waters, such as…

devbagh beach resort karwar karnataka

This photo, “Devbagh, Karwar” @Flickr from AbhijeetRane
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…The mild: The serene coastlines of the Karwar, Devbagh and Binaga beaches are among this picturesque town’s primary attractions. Sunbathe, build sand castles, run around the trees—relax and have fun your way; or, soak in its infinity, feel in touch with the poet or artist within—find inner peace, find yourself.

…The wild: Like civilisations, wildlife too thrives around water. The Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary— nestled in the Western Ghats that surround Karwar—is home to the king cobra, sloth bear, crocodile, Malabar-pied hornbill, colourful butterflies, and many other species. The Anashi Tiger Reserve, as the name suggests, gives you the chance to meet the majestic tiger, while Devbagh brings you face-to-face with playful, acrobatic dolphins.

…The course: Rabindranath Tagore once said, “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water”. He may have meant it in another sense, but the enthusiast would interpret this as an invitation for adventure sport. Devbagh lets you chart your own course through activities like kayaking, snorkelling, parasailing, and many more, while Dandeli is known for white water rafting.

…The force: Centuries ago, the Arabs and the Portuguese recognized Karwar as a safe port for sea trade. Over the years, the harbour’s prominence has grown to such an extent that today, it houses the country’s third major naval base—INS Kadamba. For more insight into the Karwar navy association, visit the INS Chapal Warship Museum that stands anchored on the Karwar Beach. A boat ride down the river, a swim at the beach, or a picnic near a waterfall—most tourist activities in this port town are aqua-related. In Karwar, truly, water reigns supreme.