While out camping, trekking, hiking or just jogging, you need a watch that can withstand the wear & tear and still remain functional. Timex is doing just that, i.e. making watches which are above and beyond just a fashion statement.

Timex Expedition watches are a great companion. Featuring analogue and digital dials, this range of wristwatches is versatile, comfortable, stylish and adaptable.Take your pick from 5 styles offered up: Classic Analog, Essential Digitals, Military Style, Trail Mate and WS4! Each style has distinctive look and features.

All the watches in the series have some excellent features to add value to your adventure! The watch has a digital compass that will guide you to figure out the right path. It is also water resistant for up to 100 meters so that you can play water sports, dive in a pool, swim or even go snorkelling. It comes with an ‘Indiglo’ night light which lights up in dark, enabling night-reading and state-of-art-technology which incorporates a barometer, thermometer and altimeter on your wrist for hassle free exploration.

Gadget Details

Gadget Name Timex Expedition Wristwatch
Details A range of wristwatches designed by Timex keeping in mind those who live on edge and love exploring the unexplored. Timex expedition is an ideal partner for adventure trips.
Number of Styles Available 5
Company Timex
Website Timex.com

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