Goa tops the chart of tourist destinations in India. While North Goa is famous for fun, adventure and parties, the South of Goa is better known for its calm and serene beaches. If you love visiting Goa for the sand, the sun and the Vitamin Sea, Varca is the place for you!

The sand at the beach is peppered with black lava rocks and the less frequented beach abounds with natural vegetation. The sight of fishing boats and fishermen keeps the spirit of the place alive. While visiting Varca, you may choose to stay at any of the beautiful resorts and enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Yoga, meditation, or simple plain sunbathing…that is what most of the tourists in Varca can be seen involved in but that doesn’t mean there are not many places to visit in and around the beach. The options are plenty!

Our Lady of Glory Church

Goa is bejewelled with ancient churches built by the Portugese and the finesse of the architecture can still be clearly visualised. Of all the churches in and around Varca, Our Lady of Glory Church is the oldest and the most captivating. It has a history that dates back some 300 years and an architecture that speaks volumes of the artistry of the olden days.


Boat trips

Riding the waves of the Arabian Sea and gazing into the distance towards the horizon is an enviable experience. Team it up with watching dolphins and you gift yourself moments that make for lifelong memories. There are many boat trips from the Varca beach that offer this experience. Who knows, you might get lucky and get to touch one of these mystical and friendly creatures of the sea as well?


Margao Market

How can any vacation be complete without shopping? Margao Market, the answer to all shopping needs, is situated at a distance of 4 kilometres from Varca and one can shop for almost everything here. Trinkets, jewellery, shoes, handbags, clothes, fenny, you name it and the market has it. Margo market is also a good place to buy souvenirs for those back home too.

The beaches nearby

Although the beach of Varca is beautiful and known for its clean waters, there are a couple of worth visiting beaches around it too. Benaulim, Cavelossim, Colva and Majorda beaches are within 10 kilometres of Varca and offer picturesque views. As South Goa is less frequented by tourists, the beaches offer unadulterated natural beauty and serenity.

Goa Chitra Museum

This unconventional ethnographical museum portrays the different artefacts and implements used during different eras of the past. Pottery, tools, art and crafts of the bygone days, including the Portugese colonial era adorn the rooms and corridors. A trip to this museum can be very informative and interesting if you are fond of history.



Madgaon is the largest city in South Goa and the second largest city in the whole of Goa. It is situated around 10 kilometres from Varca and is a major tourist attraction. At one time, it was a renowned major religious centre. You can still behold the churches built during the Portugese era which lend an air of old world charm to the place. Rachel Seminary and Sri Damodar Temple are important religious places and tourist attractions in close vicinity.


Casinos are another highlight of Goa and there is one situated in Varca as well. You can try your luck at Zuri White Sands Casino in Varca. As they say, you will walk out either richer or wiser! Nonetheless, it is an experience of its own kind!


There is a lot in store at Varca, especially if you are planning a beach holiday to a place where nature abounds instead of the crowd and din of tourists. Plan your holiday with us and bag yourself deals that make your trip comfortable and worth every penny you spend. The memories that you create along the way are priceless!