Sitting at home, watching Netflix all day? I bet you got some good baggy eyes and sleepless nights! This year leave the comfort of your blankets and cozy comfy holes and visit the oasis of enchanting beauty. Konaseema tourism with your loved ones would be the right decision!

Flaunting the rich culture of the ancient temples and magnificent green surroundings, Konaseema is known for its exceptional export of coconuts, mangos, and cashews. Imagine fresh air nipping your cheeks as you sip coconut water, looking over the beauty of the Bay of Bengal on one side and the holy river Godavari on the other. Sounds soothing? Well, it’s way more breathtaking to see and experience in person.

If you are planning to visit this place in monsoon, then you are definitely going to experience something exceptional, serene and magical. Let’s see what Konaseema tourism has treasured for you –

  • Rice fields beckoning you – Yes, you can explore the rice plantation in this area. Lush green rice fields will welcome you with open arms. This unpolluted region offers you an exclusive experience to connect with nature and experience the pastoral delights.
  • Meet the second longest river in India, Godavari – River Godavari has blessed Konaseema abundantly; experience her magic, by sitting at the riverside during sunset and let your stress vanish in seconds. You may also witness local rural fishing and farming life that gives you a glimpse of unknown India.
  • A treat for prawn lovers – Are you a seafood lover, if yes, you are going to love it. The traditional hot prawn curry makes the monsoon even more enjoyable for you. Vegetarians have some equally delicious vegetarian curry options!
  • Visit the breathtaking places around – The famous places including the Papi Hills, Kolleru Lake. Papi Hills offers a fascinating view, where the river Godavari narrows down in resemblance to the partition in a woman’s hair. Lake Kolleru is the largest shallow freshwater lake in Asia where birds such as Siberian crane, ibis and painted storks migrate in the winters.
  • Visit the ancient temples – Konaseemaregion is famous for temples which include Antharvedi Narasimha Swami Temple,   Sree Veereswara Swami Temple, Appanapalli Temple, Ryali Jagan Mohini Kesava Swami Temple and Ainavilli Siddhi Vinayaka Temple to name a few. These temples give you a glimpse of the architectural expertise of ancient India. Don’t miss the village of Adurru, where you will find valuable remains of viharas, Buddhist stupas and chaityas excavated by the Archaeological Survey of India.
  • Explore the nature around – The blessed surroundings of Konaseema open up various opportunities for the nature lovers to experience the blessings of nature. Visit the Papikonda Wildlife Sanctuary; located 50 km away from Rajahmundry in the district of Khammam, the sanctuary represents the tropical forest on the eastern ghats of India. Don’t forget to visit Hope Island; this late 18th-century tiny tadpole-shaped island is located at the coastal area of Kakinada. The island was created from sediment remains flown down by the River Koringa which joins the Godavari.

Situated in south-India, close to the equator, Konaseema tourism offers comfort and bliss in every season. The place is uncluttered and untouched by commercialism. So if you are craving for a refreshing monsoon or winter vacation at a peaceful location, Konaseema is the right place for you with moderate temperature. This greenery-clad place will not only rejuvenate your senses but your soul too.