Have you ever been through an experience, when a new tenant belonging to a different region moved into your neighborhood? Usually, the first bond formed would have been between your kids and your neighbour’s kids. Even without knowing the language, recall how kids from  next door smiled curiously and how your little ones took tentative steps of friendship.

Childhood is a  time of inherent curiosity. Travelling  satisfies that curiosity and helps children expand their comfort zone.

Travel and Parenting - Benefits of Kids Travelling to destinationsAppreciation of Universal values

When you take children to various destinations, they will get to see that there are people who speak different languages, observe unique customs, beliefs and faiths. When a foreigner helps your kid in a small task like standing in a queue, they will be able to note that kindness is an inherent universal value despite outward differences. They learn to value a fellow human being and embrace him in spite of differences.

Quality time with parents

In this fast paced life, travelling is a wonderful chance to be together with your kids. You can spend quality time and enjoy activities like swimming, story-telling, trekking and others, enriching your relationship with your kid/s. It is also advisable to switch off television, computer and other distractions, thus breaking the sedentary routine. Surprise your kids by displaying your singing skills or dance along with them.

See how Mukesh Anjaria’s family created and cherished family bonding during their frequent travel trips.

Creativity surge

When you relax peacefully in your dream destination, encourage kids to engage in do-it-yourself activities like a beach house made of sand, an art piece made of waste paper, a painting of the resort where you are staying at. These add fun and lead to improvement of creative skills and ability.

Parenting comprises of many skills and one of them is making your child acquire open-mindedness and maturity. No doubt, travelling accomplishes both of these without fail. Enjoy as many trips as possible with your family and cherish those memories forever.