“Let Nature be your teacher.” proclaimed renowned poet and naturalist William Wordsworth.  To watch a herd of elephants lazily walking, to stare at a prowling lioness from the safety of a safari jeep, to admire the myriad colours of a peacock’s dance, to delight in touching a piglet – all these are sublime and unique experiences.

It would be wonderful if yearly vacations included a day or two in the company of Mother Nature.  Not only for elders, but also for children, an exposure to nature is extremely helpful. Taking your children out into the natural universe from an early age and making them experience the playfulness and immense bliss of nature is one of the best gifts you can give them.

Kids Enjoy Travelling - Sterling HolidaysThere is a special connection between Mother Nature and children. A child looks at the world in a fresh way with awe, admiration and fascination. The inherent  curiosity of a child makes her/him  gaze with wonder and delight at the marvels of majestic mountains, lush green rainforests, serene lakes and the sheer variety of wildlife.

Mrs. Sudha Seshadri explains how her little grandson relished nature’s beauty during their trip to Goa and Karwar. Listen to her joy of seeing her young one bloom with Nature in her words.

Going for a holiday, exploring an unknown destination, makes urban kids love and respect their surroundings. They then begin to enjoy bird watching, canopy walking, camping, and other similar activities and connect with nature. Take your kids on  as many holidays as possible, make them connect and live with Nature  and you will be proud parents of responsible eco-citizens of tomorrow’s world. Happy travelling!