Do hefty roaming charges burn holes in your pockets when you’re traveling? If yes, Viber is here to save the day!


National or international, go where your heart takes you; sans any roaming charges because Viber uses the Internet to make free calls and messages to any device that has the same app installed on it. Technically speaking, Viber is an instant messaging and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app which also allows people to exchange images, audios and videos. If you have an Android, iPhone or Windows phone, a quick installation and setup allows you to stay in touch without having to bother about roaming charges on calls or messages. It uses your mobile number to create a Viber account and then sends a verification code to that number to get the app started. Once the setup is complete, it uses the contact list of your phone book to establish contact with any other user who also has a Viber account.

Travel takes you places. Camera ready phones let you capture and share snapshots of those places and experiences with your friends and family. And Viber lets you do it instantly. In today’s Internet age, data connections for phones and laptops are comparatively cheaper than before, and many places like airports offer free Wi-Fi. Connect to an available network and share your travel bytes with your loved ones as and when you experience them. If you are traveling with a bunch of friends, and have anxious parents waiting for regular updates from you, keep their worries at bay with calls. Or a text message can brighten up their day – for Viber has some of the coolest emoticons as well as free and paid stickers.

Staying connected on the move was never so easy! And of course, never so cheap.

A word of caution though. Viber is best used on Wi-Fi. Viber draws on your mobile data when there is no Wi-Fi and that could lead to a hefty bill!