Visualize this: An uninterrupted stretch of road. Picturesque surroundings. Lush green trees. Breezy weather and cool climate. Traffic-free space devoid of any noise or pollution. Small lakes surrounded by rolling hills. Doesn’t sound like Rajasthan, does it? That is precisely what makes Mount Abu the ultimate road trip destination that you may not even have considered! Here’s why we think this often-overlooked destination in Rajasthan is the next big thing for ardent road trippers.

A new way to experience Rajasthan

Rajasthan may be synonymous with scorching hot weather and dry, arid landscape, but Mount Abu is a breath of fresh air, quite literally! A beautiful hill station located in the southern part of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is lush green, thanks to the generous amounts of rainfall it witnesses each year. Due to its slightly lower temperature than the rest of Rajasthan, road trips are the perfect way to enjoy Mount Abu.

Easy access by road

Mount Abu can easily be reached by road from other major cities of Rajasthan. Driving to Mount Abu from Jaipur takes about 8 hours, while Udaipur is a mere 3 hours away. The roads leading up to the highest peak of Rajasthan are delightful, not just because of the landscape but also because of how well-maintained they are. Drive through winding tunnels, past rocky mountains and greenery for a memorable road trip in Rajasthan.

The best of Rajasthan in one place

Hills, lakes, lush vegetation and pleasant climate – Mount Abu is the perfect recipe for a great holiday! Take a dip in the lakes and waterfalls, walk barefoot in the meadows and enjoy the local cuisine. There is no better way to get close to nature than enjoying this with a bunch of friends while on a road trip.  

Perfect weekend getaway destination

By virtue of its favorable location, Mount Abu is ideal for a quick weekend getaway. Whether you want to bring out the explorer in you or want to just sit back and take the day off, there are plenty of interesting Mount Abu packages you can choose from, for an enjoyable stay.

A plethora of sightseeing options

There’s more to Mount Abu than just good views. The Nakki Lake, Dilwara Temples, Toad Rock, and Honeymoon Point are some of the best attractions in the area and are a must-see when visiting Mount Abu. Rich in history and culture, this hill town is a sureshot crowd pleaser!

With so much to see and do in Mount Abu, a road-trip makes for the best option, giving you access for checking out the place as you please! If you want to take your time to soak in Mount Abu’s laidback vibes, road tripping is the way to go!