The rare spectacle of the annular solar eclipse will occur this year on 26 December. The ‘Ring of Fire’ will be visible clearly in only a few parts of India. The country’s astronomy enthusiasts will be waiting eagerly for this phenomenon that happens very rarely. The annular solar eclipse is rare as it happens only when the diameter of the moon is smaller than the diameter of the sun, thereby blocking the sun’s entire light, making it look like an annulus (ring). The event is special not only because of its aesthetic aspect but also for its rarity. The next annular solar eclipse would only be seen on 21st May 2031, that’s after 11 years of waiting!

This year, the full solar eclipse will be visible in Wayanad and other parts of northern Kerala and will offer a unique experience for the locals as well as a large number of tourists because people here will be the first among all Indians to witness it. The sky will be clear during the month of December and people will be able to enjoy the eclipse from the picturesque hills of Wayanad.

Why is Wayanad the Best Place to Witness the Eclipse?

There is no better place to enjoy the breathtaking moment than Wayanad. The local administration is taking all possible measures for the public to watch the eclipse. The partial eclipse will commence at 8:04 AM when the moon approaches the sun’s edge. People in parts of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu can catch a sight of the event between 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM but the eclipse at its peak can only be seen from Wayanad, especially at Sulthan Bathery, Meenangadi Mananthavady. At 9:24 AM, the annular phase begins, and the complete eclipse would then be visible.

Path of Solar Eclipse

Enjoy the annular solar eclipse in Wayanad at Sterling which is surrounded by lush green forests and rice paddies that make for a rejuvenating experience. You can relish the famous bamboo biriyani and the excellent hospitality of Sterling while you watch the solar eclipse.

The resort is located near Sultan Bathery, close to the beautiful landscape of Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can see tropical birds like the Hornbill and other wild animals. Wayanad has several trails for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts.

At Sterling Wayanad, you can gorge on delectable local delicacies as you witness the solar eclipse in Kerala. While you are here, you can take a stroll amidst the greenery, take a dip in the exquisitely designed pool, visit the enchanting waterfalls close by and walk through paddy fields. The sightings at Wayanad are limitless.

So, what are you waiting for?

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