World Sparrow Day, observed every year on March 20, is designated to create and increase awareness about the common House Sparrow and how rapid urbanisation threatens their existence. Once among the most commonly found bird species in cities, their numbers are drastically depleting.

House sparrows have peacefully co-existed with us for centuries, but spotting even one now is a rarity. Rampant felling of trees to make way for construction is causing them to lose their nests and habitats. These little winged-creatures now find themselves on the verge of extinction.

Famed nature poet said, “Let Nature be your teacher.” Introducing your kids to nature is one of the best gifts you can give them. As kids, we could see these birds flitting about our roofs. Our grandparents have recounted several stories of sparrows roosting in their homes. But these birds might not be around long enough for future generations to see them.

Ornithologists and bird-watchers have since been expressing concern over the sharp decline of House Sparrows. Experts believe that a proper nation-wide bird monitoring system needs to be put in place to study all the factors contributing to their drop in numbers.

However, all hope is not lost. Nature Forever Society of India many initiatives in place, in partnership with several other organisations, raise awareness about this pressing issue.

Sterling Holidays, too, is doing their bit to Save the Sparrow. With their initiative, you can buy a handmade birdhouse and assemble it in your home. For more details on the initiative, check out this website.

This World Sparrow Day, let us come together to save these tiny avians from disappearing altogether. Let’s bring back the little brown bird!