Are you passionate about travel? Do you plan the next trip when you are already enjoying the current one? Is your gallery filled with photos of various cities and countries? If yes, congrats, you are bitten by the travel bug, and it officially qualifies you to travel full-time.
However, if you are still not convinced on why you should travel full-time, here are our ten reasons.

Travelling brings an all new perspective to your life

Travel once, you’ll be awestruck. Travel often, you will start to understand various worldly things. Travel always, it gives a new perspective and purpose to your life. Meeting new people, whose culture and habits differ drastically from your own, will teach you one basic fact – not everyone looks at the world like you do.

Make memories that will last a lifetime

For most travellers, travel is all about the new, unforgettable experiences. When you get old, you might forget when which dress was bought; you might also not remember some chapters from your high school textbook. However, you will never forget the moment you watched the sunrise in Japan or the beauty of The Taj Mahal in the moonlit night.

Visit the places that you once saw in photos and postcards

Getting clicked in the backdrop of Twin Tower of Malaysia, enjoying the dancing fountain, taking selfies under the iconic Eiffel Tower, trekking the mighty Himalayas, roaming onto the elevator of Burj Khalifa – the list goes on and on. Aren’t these gigantic, iconic places enough to make you go out on a trip right now??

A learning experience to spend money wisely

On the contrary to the popular myth that travelling leaves you broke, you learn to spend your money wisely when you travel on your own. You learn to spend money only on the essentials. Furthermore, the money you spend during travel is on experiences rather than on objects. Therefore, you can treasure these experiences forever. Another learning experience that you can gain from travelling is that you will also become a smart packer and an organised person.

Learn new languages

When you interact with the local population of different countries, you get to learn their language. Of course, you cannot completely learn a new language, but you can learn words like “Hello,” “Thank you” etc. Back when I was in Malaysia, I also had learned few small words like, “Terima Kasih,” which means “Thank you”; “Teh Tarik,” which means Tea there; “Keluar,” which means “Exit.”

Sense of belonging to the place

While travelling, you get to know some elements of this location which make you fall in love with it. You feel that you belong to this place. This sense of belonging makes your stay even more interesting in that location. Furthermore, if you are a full-time traveller, you will have the freedom to choose to work temporarily in freelance or volunteering jobs in the countries/cities that you love, so that you can stay for a long time.

Meet friends across the globe

You will meet people, who share the same mindset as yours. Make friends, hang out, share life experiences, get along, and create memories! Get acumens from them and share your knowledge too. Sometimes, this kind of friendship saves you from a lot of troubles of being alone in an unknown country.

Learn the country’s history and culture

Each and every country across the universe is so rich in culture and tradition. As you make your way in the travel, you’ll hear about it and some traditional facts along the way. Share tips with fellow travellers you will come across. You learn about different taboos followed in the various regions.

Live free

Travelling is an opportunity for you to get out of your comfort zone and believe your dispositions. Go for trekking, skiing, bungee-jumping; in short, do whatever your heart wants! Just be your best adventure self ever!! Eat what you want, click pictures, and make memories.

What’s more, if you love photography, there is no big gift that you can give yourself than travelling full-time.

Make living while travelling

Hope you have heard of freelance activities and how demanding they are in the current situation. At some point, you may be worried regarding a job to fund your future travels. Jobs like freelancing/part time jobs lets you travel and work on projects of your choice at the same time. You can earn money through freelance photography while travelling: the two actions that are dearest to your heart.