Every trade has its tricks. And today we bring to you some strategic technical ploys that candid photographers use to bring you their magic!

It’s not for nothing that they say you need to be deft to get those best shots!

It was late evening, and the sun was sinking. So what do we do about the light issue? Using flash is like creative, candid photography faux pas! So we just held steady, altered the shutter speed to a 1/15, light spills in, target achieved and we have long trails of rice like rain!


We have the bride and the groom taking their vows around the ceremonial fire. And you just freeze the moment! Well, anybody can do that for you! But we’re not anybody. We’re candid wedding photographers. So we tweak it a little bit, slow the shutter speed and voila! You’ve got this!


So like we already mentioned earlier, lack of light, altered shutter speed and we’ve got long trails of rice grains. But what if you had ample light? With all the ceremonies during the wedding, as candid photographers, you don’t want to come across as repetitive. We manipulated the shutter to a fast shutter and froze the moment, but no long trails. Just rice grains like droplets!
Something that’s simple and still sticks to a fast shutter speed is this picture where you catch everybody up in the air. It’s a lighten the mood shot and comes as an aftermath of all the ceremonies!
Another trick up our sleeve is the painting with light technique. Here, we keep the shutter open for 38 seconds and create a light trail around the couple. More achievable during candid couple shots, it creates a sense of mysticism!

While the DSLR is a storehouse of wealth, both literally and figuratively, tapping into it can make you richer.