Travel as a part of life comes in many colours and hues. During school days a funny excursion of a single day spent with classmates, an exuberant time with friends during college days, a private exciting trip with your soul-mate, a warm happy trip with your spouse and kids and the list goes on. Every trip is special in its own way.

Multigenerational Family Vacation - Travel Tips

But if we pick up the funniest vacation, it would be the one where siblings, aunts, uncles, parents, toddlers and grandparents came along. The opportunity to play together with our cousins, fun with toddlers, adventure time with teens, all these make group trips special.

Multigenerational trips where the oldest member of the family and also the youngest child of the family form a part of the group are unique and very good to foster interpersonal relationships, kinship and sharing among extended families.

Here are few tips to make those vacations great.

1. Finance first

So you are a group of five families going for that dream destination for a month. Decide beforehand about the money. Either breakfast, lunch and dinner payments can be allotted or pool a kit with contributions from each family and spend that.

Sit together before the trip and devise a proper plan regarding money to avoid problems.

2. Choose the right destination

Your group has senior citizens who cannot trek, toddlers who love water, teens who love skiing and couples who wish for long walks in privacy. Select a destination which offers something for everyone. No person should be disappointed about the destination.

3. Fun with togetherness

As a group, involve everyone at least for one meal, preferably dinner. If you have chosen a resort, it would be great fun to get the resort to organise a special meal for all of you (a live cooking station in the outdoors maybe), try-out different recipes and have food as a group. Several games and activities like passing a parcel, songs and dance could make the fun increase ten times more.

4. Privacy and rooms

This is a very important aspect as couples and senior citizens need their privacy. Allotting rooms and establishing rules of intrusion is a must. Some may get up early morning and some may need to rest for more time. Instructing kids not to disturb others and not to barge into rooms is vital.

5. Be prepared for emergencies

It is always best to carry medicines, extra shawls, and snacks when you are with kids and aged people. Prevention is always better so any small ailment or cuts and bruises must be taken care of immediately so that a disaster can be avoided.

Also there will be minor adjustments and sacrifices when travelling as a group. Accept them and just brush them aside.

If these things are taken care of, your vacation with your extended family is bound to spread warmth and joy in everyone for sure. Happy Holidays make Happy Families and the reverse is also true.