Planning a trip is never easy. There are many factors to take into consideration—which place to go to, what to carry, where to stay, how to travel—these and many more questions beset you as you plan that dream trip. So, how do you go about creating your travel itinerary? Ever considered referring to the zodiac for inspiration? Monisha Dudaney shows you how the sun signs can have a strong influence on where you want to travel, how you travel and what your idea of a vacation is.

horoscope June'13


ariesThe tarot card for the determined Arian is the Nine of Cups, depicting a time of high energy. Travel will balance your restlessness and enhance your spirit. Bringing in the monsoon will be a thrilling experience for you so plan your trip to the serene lagoons of Kumarakom and Kottayam to enjoy the rains amidst the lush beauty of nature. Walking the village trail, enjoying small but exciting daily rituals and savouring local delicacies as you watch time go by make your time off even more enjoyable. Have your meals every two to three hours and take regular naps to keep yourself satiated. Work may need patience as you have a lot on your plate and are called on to do more than you can deliver. Be patient with yourself and everything will fall in place. Tangled equations at home resolve themselves with ease.

Tip of the month: Allow your heart to dictate and listen to your instinct

Most compatible sign: Scorpio

Least compatible sign:  Aquarius


TaurusThe tarot card for the innovative Taurean is The World, indicating the need to make things work your way. Cities tend to be your source of energy and you assimilate the hustle and bustle of each one that you travel to this month. From Tokyo to Bangalore, observing and interacting with people will thrill you. Discovering new hotspots, bars and little hidden secrets in a city well travelled make you cherish every moment of your trip. The local flavours on the streets and the hospitality of friends make you a happy person. Your professional space also gets a new lease of life as many new opportunities now knock on your door. Your creativity comes through as many new people rally around you with alliances and plans. Exercise during the rainy season may feel restrictive in the gym but you learn to enjoy yourself. Love at home reaches a new level of bliss.

Tip of the month: Keep to your word and all will go well.

Most compatible sign: Pisces

Least compatible sign:  Gemini


GeminiThe tarot card for the spirited Geminian is the Seven of Swords, depicting a time of incredible focus. You enjoy your weekend getaways by running away from the chaos of the city to sleepy small towns where you enjoy the fresh air, nature and the journey of long winding roads. Travel to Alibaug, Shimla, Kovalam or other such similar escapes rejuvenate your weekends, bringing you much laughter and happiness. Work wise, you are now in a good spot as you manage to balance your professional and personal spheres very well. Teammates also join in some of your trips out of the city bringing you a fresh breath of air. On the health front, you need to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. Love for the single is all about mingling, especially with common friends. Those in love plan a memorable renewing of vows on a quiet evening.

Tip of the month: Patience will be key to all you do

Most compatible sign: Capricorn

Least compatible sign: Libra


CancerThe tarot card for the easy-going Cancerian is The Fool, depicting a time of chaos. This June, you travel to new destinations, especially that of the beach variety. Goa and the Konkan stretch prove to be exciting locations especially for those travelling by road. Unplanned hiccups and obstacles may test you but you learn to let your guard down and enjoy it all. Professional equations now get a new lease of life as support comes in from all directions. Keeping your word remains essential as some of you may take on more than you can handle. Ensure that yoghurt and salad are a part of your diet. Relationships need more honesty; you especially need to be clear about your desire and intent. Those in love discover common pursuits that bring them happiness.

Tip of the month: The Journey will prove to be as exciting as the destination, know that

Most compatible sign: Aquarius

Least compatible sign: Sagittarius


LeoThe tarot card for the decisive Leo is the Six of Pentacles, depicting much work. Squeezing in time to take a break and relax may be tough this June. Yet that is what you discover which gives you much happiness as you manage a day of pleasure on a work trip to Pune or Mangalore. Friends and relatives give you much time and space as you enjoy solitude and the sounds and sights of a city you love. Professional resolutions are positive as you now deal with allies who offer you much support and advice. Eating meals regularly and on time will ease your metabolism giving you the energy to function all day long.

Tip of the month: Love is your ambit. Be patient.

Most compatible sign: Gemini

Least compatible sign: Scorpio


VirgoThe tarot card for the quiet and loving Virgoan is The High Priestess, depicting a time to listen to your sixth sense. People and places allow you to re-examine patterns emerging in your life. For a luxury lover like you, you are likely to choose the comforts of a five-star hotel and explore the environs of a property on your travels, especially in Udaipur and Jaisalmer. Discussing your career needs on projects with friends or loved ones will allow you to gain insight into what you can do. This will result in a hectic travel schedule this month as you journey between Mumbai and Delhi. Socially, you are now motivating yourself to be a part of a new exercise regime with friends and enjoy much laughter with them. Chasing moonbeams and a former beloved is unwise, so tread cautiously.

Tip of the month: Travel will help change your perspective

Most compatible sign: Leo

Least compatible sign: Cancer


LibraThe tarot card for the dreamy and stylish Libran is The World, depicting new starts and creative liberation. Your way of jet setting around the world is to enjoy every moment of it at a slow pace, and this June you do just that. The cards indicate that you will head to Indore and Ahmedabad and discover many secrets. Street food is a must-do on your sojourns this month and you indulge yourself. Work allows you time out and also keeps you on your feet with impromptu client meetings and seminars. A new diet works wonders especially as you pursue it with enthusiasm. For the single, love is about who you mingle with. Those in love discover strong bonds, as children add to the fun.

Tip of the month: Patience is your ally this month

Most compatible sign: Cancer

Least compatible sign: Capricorn


ScorpioThe tarot card for the intuitive and secretive Scorpio is The Empress, depicting a time of taking baby steps. This month, your travel mantra is about going slow and enjoying the journey. Many of you travel by road or break your journey into different parts allowing you to just enjoy your journey. Sightseeing and shopping for local fare and souvenirs excite you, especially as you explore the sleepy towns of Darjeeling and Shillong. With regard to health, avoid consuming sweets and fried items. At work, efficient office colleagues allow you to enjoy your pace. The single are surrounded by many admirers, and those in love discover that they desire more from their loved ones and ask for it. Enjoy!

Tip of the month: Keep your head in the clouds and feet on the ground

Most compatible sign: Libra

Least compatible sign: Taurus


SagittariusThe tarot card for the creative Sagittarian is The Chariot, depicting many victories. Travel will be a must this month as many of you set-up a home away from home. Heading to Bangalore or Gurgaon will result in a lot of paperwork and transitions, yet there will be much excitement. New friends and acquaintances welcome you into their city making life easy as you fit into a new social circle. As you relocate, you will travel back and forth and you are now focused and determined to see it through. On the health front, you create new exercise and diet regimes and stick to your plans this month. The single meet new people. Those in love are happy and spend a cosy, memorable time together enjoying quiet sunsets.

Tip of the month:Think before you speak

Most compatible sign: Taurus

Least compatible sign: Aries


CapricornThe tarot card for the zealous Capricorn is the Nine of Wands, depicting momentum in your life. Your idea of travel is one of excitement, especially as you love to wear the organiser’s hat. The madness of checking online sites, obtaining information and pulling out all the stops for the perfect holiday make you a happy person. Last minute documents, schedules and cross-checking dates will put you under a lot of pressure. Travelling abroad to New York or Sydney is likely to be on the cards and you have fun making your plans. Watch out for your health because your stress levels will increase as you worry about small things. For the single, love is all about meeting new people and enjoying it. Your family puts pressure on you to settle down and start a family of your own.

Tip of the month: Smile. All will be well

Most compatible sign: Virgo

Least compatible sign: Aquarius


AquariusThe tarot card for the fun-loving Aquarian is the Page of Wands, depicting a time to push the envelope. Your decision to balance work and play will now lead you to take a holiday after your busy time at work. The cards advice that you learn to take weekend breaks, pace yourself or even splurge on travel. Head to the small, sleepy towns of Karnal or Chiplun where you are not too far from home and you can relax. Exercise, home-cooked food and time to meditate allow you to relax and let the stressful month professionally ease out entirely. At work, you are a worker bee and everything else may take back seat including friends and family. Love will need patience as you juggle many tasks.

Tip of the month: Believe in yourself

Most compatible sign: Aries

Least compatible sign: Virgo


PiscesThe tarot card for the curious Piscean is The Lovers, depicting a happy time for you. Pack your bags and head to undiscovered territory. This month, you head overseas on business to Hong Kong and Singapore, mixing both work and pleasure. For the creatively inclined, the cards indicate that you will travel to Jodhpur and Jaipur in Rajasthan to explore, participate and shop. Seminars and conferences could see you in Goa where you enjoy the local food and fanfare, whilst delivering your best speech and learning a new technique. Romance for the Pisceans is always deep and meaningful and those searching for a life partner get introduced quite by chance through common friends. Enjoy the romance, one step at a time. Health remains steady. Make an effort to take that brisk walk in the crisp morning air and watch the sun rise, which will keep you positive and happy.

Tip of the month: Keep away from office politics

Most compatible sign: Sagittarius

Least compatible sign: Leo

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