A Tryst with Spectacular Barachuki – Gangachuki Falls

– Mrs. Reema Ramakrishna

Being in the hum drum IT Sector, all of us, my husband, self and colleagues long for pleasant breaks from the routine. We planned a weekend trip to one of the largest waterfalls – the Barachuki & Gangachuki falls (Next in size to famous Jog Falls of Karnataka).

Eighteen of us zoomed on ten motorbikes into the yonder of interiors of India. We were riding at nearly 70 – 90 km/hour speeds. No wonder we reached the first halt at the maddur check post, 75 km midway in no time. That was the longest ride on a motorbike with my hubby. I was holding on to him, listening to songs on my iPod as he whizzed past at a speed, competing with the wind.

By 10 AM, we reached our destination. As we saw the gushing falls we could not resist anymore. Immediately, all of us changed into beach wear and took a plunge into icy cool waters. Soon all of us were playing like kids. The experience of staying under the waterfalls was indescribable. It was almost like a hundred people beating over our head. OH MY GOD, I can vouch that the kind of massage the falling waters provided was something that I have never experienced before.

At dusk, we reluctantly started to Bangalore. This, I can vouch is an unforgettable experience in my life so far.

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