Jog falls is yet another major tourist attraction in Karnataka and is close to our destinations – Karwar and Goa.

Jog falls is one of the spectacular waterfalls, located near Sagar, in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. It is at a distance of 385 kilometers from Bangalore. From Shimoga it is situated at a distance of about 105 kilometers.

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Jog falls belongs to the ‘Plunge’ type of waterfalls where water descends vertically down without any contact with the bedrock. They are the second highest plunge waterfalls in India. The height of the falls is about 958 feet (approx – 292 mts). This breathtaking falls is created by the river, Sharavathi. The origin of the beautiful Sharavathi is at a place called ‘Ambutheertha’ in the Thirthahalli Taluk of Shimoga district.

There are two legends involving Ambutheertha. People believe that Lord Rama – the Hindu God broke a mighty bow – ‘Shiva Dhanusu’ to win the hand of his consort Devi Sita at this place. Another legend says at Ambutheertha, to quench the thirst of his wife Devi Sita, Lord Rama pierced the earth with his Shara (meaning arrow). Water came up from the earth and formed the river ‘Sharavathi’.

River Sharavathi, on its path towards the Arabian Sea reaches a deep chasm of about 950 feet and plunges down creating the magnificent ‘Jog falls’. The river joins the Arabian sea at Honnavar, near Uttara Kannada district.

There are four distinct separate streams in the waterfalls. They are ‘Raja’, ‘Roarer’, ‘Rocket’ and ‘Rani’. The stream ‘Raja’ is aptly named as it is the most majestic of all. It plummets down to the depth of around 900 ft in one unbroken column. Half-way down, the stream ‘Roarer’ flows through a recess on the rocky wall and gushes down to meet the Raja at an angle. The name ‘Roarer’ is due to the high roar/ sound it creates. The third stream Rocket falls down in a series of jets. It is so named because it is similar to a rocket in its narrow size and high speed. The ‘Rani’ is comparatively quiet but very graceful generating a large sheet of foam. It has many twists and turns which are often compared to beautiful dancers movements.

There are two major viewpoints to look at the waterfalls safely. There is another interesting option for enthusiastic tourists.  Tourism Department has built steps from one of the viewpoint till the bottom of the hill. There are approximately 1500 steps. People can venture down if they want. However, it is a very tough trek, only for the die-hard adventurists and Nature lovers.

Often the Linganamakki dam is visited along with the Jog falls. The dam was built in the year 1964 by the State Government of Karnataka. Located in the Sagara taluk, the dam has a length of 2.4 km, stretching across the Sharavathi river.

Only during the monsoon season, the falls will have enough water. So it is advisable to visit during the months August – November. Tourists can go by road from Bangalore to Jog falls. Or they can go to Jog falls via Shimoga, which is well connected by trains to Bangalore and this drive will be worthwhile as it offers fantastic views enroute.

Jog falls is at a distance of around 150 kms from Karwar – Emerald Bay, a Sterling Holidays resort..

From Goa-Villagio, the Jog Falls is located at a distance of 121 km and from Goa – Club Estadia it is at a distance of 256 km.