Weekends are the time to take a break from the monotony of everyday life and escape to a place where one can actually listen to the music of nature. We all look forward to a rejuvenating experience, which would energise us over the weekend. India with its varied landscape offers many such getaways across its length and breadth. One such place is Sariska, a place where one can wake up to the symphony assayed by nature.


Sariska is situated in the Alwar district of Rajasthan and is home to the Bengal Tiger. Sariska is easily accessible from all major cities in India. It lies about 200 kilometres from Delhi and about 107 kilometres from Jaipur. Frequent public buses are available to Sariska from Jaipur and Delhi.

What to see and do in Sariska

Sariska National Park


The tiger reserve is the primary reason to be in Sariska. Sariska is considered as one of the top wildlife destinations in India. The beautiful environs of the park and the sounds of the wild act as a soothing balm to the frayed nerves of many an urbanite. Apart from the Bengal Tiger, the park is also home to other species of wildlife including Leopards, Chinkara, Sambhar, Nilgai, Hyenas, Rhesus Monkeys and many others. Shimmering water bodies and verdant forest cover are the ideal ingredients for a thrilling safari that takes one straight into the depths of nature to have an encounter with wildlife in their natural settings. Jeep safaris are the best way to get close to the wild in Sariska and experience the way of the jungle at first hand. Scenes from the Jungle Book are sure to flit through your mind as you revel in the freedom of the Jungle.

Bhangarh Fort


This fort lies on the border of the Sariska National Park, at about a distance of 50 kilometres. The ruins of the fort and the settlement inside including a palace are well preserved. But make sure that you do not linger inside the fort after sunset as you may be in for a spooky experience! Yes, the fort is supposed to be haunted and various legends and myths surround it. This provides an intriguing and mysterious aura to the fort and makes it irresistible. One of the stories associated with the Bhangarh fort is about a wizard who was smitten with love for the princess and tried to trick her to reciprocate through his cunning ways. The princess saw through his evil designs and spurned him. Locals believe that the ghosts of the wizard and the princess still roam around the Bhangarh fort when it is enveloped by darkness and shadows loom hauntingly over the ruins. Apart from the mysterious elements associated with the fort, it is a silent testimony to the architectural finesse and skills of Rajasthani architects of yore.

Kankwari Fort

This is a small fort that lies deep in the forests of the Sariska Tiger Reserve. One needs to travel about 22 kilometres deep inside the jungle to reach the fort. A jeep can be hired to reach this fort along with a guide. The inaccessibility of the fort was the reason why the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb chose this location to imprison his brother Dara Shikoh for several years. The fort offers some really amazing views of the Sariska National Park and the surrounding villages.

Silserh Lake


A beautiful manmade lake flanked by mountains graces the land about 32 kilometres from the Sariska National Park. The lake is manmade and was commissioned by Maharajah Vinay Singh, in 1845. The lake was an answer to the water woes of the surrounding areas. The King also built a beautiful palace for his wife. The lake is a nice place to relax and take in the panoramic views of the surrounding hills which reflect mesmerizingly in the shimmering waters of the lake.



This is a must visit place for people who love trivia from the Indian mythologies. The place is supposed to have been the setting for the historic encounter between Bheema and Hanuman in the Mahabharata. This was the place where Bheema saw his ego being shattered by the enormous might of Hanuman. A temple dedicated to Hanuman stands in the vicinity and is a popular place for travellers.

Another weekend is around the corner and it is time to pack your bags and set off on a journey into the wilderness of Sariska. As always wherever you go, Sterling is there for a comfortable stay, full of warmth and hospitality. stay with us at Sariska Tiger Heaven, which is an ideal camping ground to launch one’s “wild “experiences in Sariska.