Holidaying trends keep changing with every decade, but the need to take a vacation stays constant, but along with the need to holiday is the ever-increasing cost of going on a holiday! So, what do you do? Instead of looking for tour packages over and over again, buy a Vacation Ownership Membership with Sterling Holidays!

But really though, do people buy vacation ownership anymore? The answer is a resounding YES! We’re not just saying it. The All-India Resort Development Association says that there are “5,00,000 families subscribing to timeshare in India and the estimated market exceeds 3.5 million”. Globally, the Timeshare Consumer Guide tells us that the total sales volume worldwide for timeshare is exceeding US$ 14 billion and approximately 20 million households own timeshare! Interestingly, the major growth is in Asia at present over 15%, predominantly in Japan, followed by India and Thailand

Sterling Holidays is the pioneer and one of the most reputable names in the Vacation Ownership industry in India and with good reason! We’ve re-invented ourselves to keep up with the times and ensure that no matter whatever holiday packages you’re looking at, a membership with us is a better option in the long run. Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say

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Why Buy A Sterling Membership?

We want you to know that a Sterling membership is a great option, and here’s a bunch of reasons why:

  • 30+ properties across India with an ever-growing network, giving you a wide variety of holiday destinations to choose from
  • A buy-in system of points that gives your flexibility to holiday throughout the year plus, you won’t have to worry about price surges for years to come.
  • The ability to save money on future vacations for the next 25 years – complete value for money!
  • Vacation Ownership makes taking a holiday a certainty. You’ll make a commitment to spending quality time with your family
  • High quality of accommodations at unbeatable prices, especially in the long run! A smart investment, for anyone who loves going on a holiday.

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What is in it for me?

Even if you have an immensely busy year and no time to take a family trip, having a Sterling Holidays membership will ensure you take time off to travel and take advantage of your vacation – even if it is a just a weekend family vacation! You’ll start thinking about travel more actively. Don’t worry if you miss travelling one year because of something like a pandemic; the points carry over, so you can redeem them for an extended vacation next year!

Just make an enquiry today, and begin the journey of a lifetime! A Sterling Holidays membership is just the thing for you!