Have you been asked to attend a sales presentation to buy a Vacation Ownership membership? Chances are that even if you haven’t until now, sooner or later, you will be. While there is a lot of talk around whether buying a vacation ownership membership is a good idea or not, a lot of that stems from inaccurate, outdated information. People tend to have a lot of misconceptions about Vacation Ownership, so it is important to be prepared, just as you would before investing your money in anything – a house, a car, even a TV.

Before you go into that sales presentation, make sure you keep the following in mind. It will help you take a better decision!

Trust only the reputable companies

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 There may be a lot of people trying to sell you a scam, so make sure you listen to the sales presentation of a reputable company like Sterling Holidays. Pioneers in the industry and with decades of experience in the Vacation Ownership industry, if you can trust anyone, you can trust Sterling Holidays! With a network of 30+ resorts across the country, Sterling Holidays is one of the most dependable names in the business.

Go with an open mind

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 Don’t go into a sales presentation with pre-conceived notions. You may have heard a lot about vacation ownership, but that’s all it is – hearsay. With the times, vacation ownership has evolved itself, so hear what the salesperson has to say about the membership with an open mind, and understand the facts! A good salesperson will tailor the presentation to suit your needs!

Do your research – especially the math. 


Before you sit down for a Vacation Ownership membership sales presentation, make sure you do your own research. You wouldn’t buy a house or a car without researching or understanding everything about it first – so why should this be any different? Make sure you put down a list of questions to ask the salesperson, so you can get clarity on all fronts.

Understand everything about the membership

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When you go through the sales presentation there is a limited amount of time for you to understand all the facts. Ensure you understand every aspect of it, be it the Annual Subscription Fee that allows the Vacation Ownership company to maintain the resorts at their highest quality, or the complimentary RCI membership that comes with a Vacation Ownership membership, that enables you to travel internationally at Indian prices!

Remember, there is no pressure

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 You’ve only agreed to sit through a sales presentation, so remember there is no pressure to take a decision. As long as you’ve taken this time to understand the product and whether it makes sense for you and your holidaying style, that is what is important! Remember, you can always go back after you’ve made your decision, at any point! Understand the costs, the investment and how it benefits you, and evaluate everything before you take a decision. After all, this is the best investment you’ll make in your lifetime!

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